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After Brooke

Brooke Dynasty at Sarawak lasts for 100 years by three generations and it brought out the glory of Sarawak as a kingdom. During Brooke era, Kuching had evolved greatly in prosperity with a set of majestic architecture and the beauty of Borneo. Everything's left at Sarawak is a big gift from Brooke to anyone, to reminisce the hard work and the leadership to rule one big kingdom, alone without colonies.

After the end of dynasty, Sarawak is now becomes part of Malaysia, four months after Charles Vyner's death on May 1963. The glory of Brooke, its story and the merits were the history that never lost.

How about the 'after Brooke'?
House of the Rajah of Sarawak
credits: Tigergrowl.wordpress.com

This is the sign of the last place where the last Rajah spent his old time after Brooke. It's under Greater London Council's authority. Charles Vyner of Sarawak lived there until his last breath on 1963.

House of the Rajah of Sarawak
credits: Tigergrowl.wordpress.com

This is the external view of the last Rajah's humble house where Charles Vyner of Sarawak and his wife Sylvia lived together. This house is located at no.13 Albion Street (thanks a million to Tigergrowl for this info).

Well, after a long service as Rajah at Sarawak, his after Brooke's life ended well as a private citizen at London.

File:Brooke rajahs graves at Sheepstor.JPG
Credits: Wikipedia

This is the Sheepstor Graveyard, where the coat of arms of Brooke's Family is visible. The left one is James of Sarawak, the first Rajah and the previous English adventurer with his ship, the Royalists. The right one is Charles of Sarawak, the second Rajah and hardworking leader. Two graves in the center are Charles's two children. The other graveyards that scattered around the church are: 
1. Tuan Muda Bertram
2. Charles Vyner of Sarawak
3. Kathleen Mary Brooke (1st wife of Anthony Brooke)
4. Angela Brooke (daughter of Anthony Brooke)
5. Jimmy Brooke (son of Harry Brooke)  
6. Anne, Lady Bryant (daughter of Bertram) 

This is the precious sword, belongs to the first Rajah, James Brooke (James of Sarawak), preserved by Sarawak's museum. This sword is one of the exhibit's item at Tun Abdul Razak's Museum at Kuching on the second floor. Obviously, this is a valuable piece of Sarawak's past.

Emm, did you see the up side-down image of James Brooke on the glass?

This is the memorial statue for Charles Brooke (Charles of Sarawak, The Second Rajah), with the wonderful white-carved of Charles, the Sarawak's coat of arms and the appreciation to his merit. This statue is located in front of the Kuching Old Court House, very close to Square Tower that stand across Sarawak River.

After a long reign, 100 years of Brooke dynasty, they gave us a good history to remember, a good architecture to be proud of and the good story to share. And of course, a good place to attract tourists.

So, that's the impact of after Brooke.

p/s: My dad named me 'Shield' because of Brooke Shields. I guess Brooke and me will never separated. ^^

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