Monday, 4 November 2013

MyKuching: Reminisce the Old and New

In the middle of Kuching city, the development of modern society and vast technology is everywhere. New vibe has foamed between the people, lifestyle, and opinion. Inside the different colors of Kuching, there's a little place of wild nature between the continuous thrive. It keeps thousands of old memories, the heart of nature that grows together and the silence of word of tranquility.

Date: 03112013
Day: Sunday
Time: 0800-1100

The short adventure into the small 'jungle' at the back of Kuching Orchid, the old big tree had brought me and my family into this calm and historical view. It was there when I was a kid and it remains there for so long, holding its age for another years. It stands firmly and teaches me the value of life.

"Never step back and be strong."

I guess, old is the unspeakable beauty.

Then, the short adventure inside the small jungle brought me into the various kind of discoveries. It tickles my finger to tease through the living thing, drown inside the unknown trance of wild flower. The wonderful white petals appears with grace, in the middle of brownish and crispy branches and leaves. It feels like a wisdom has come to show the way out.

The simple thing is full of senses.

Oh, my little acorn. My beautiful dried acorn that lays on my palm. My sister picked this and give it to me, walking together upon the small hill. Inside this little acorn, it keeps many stories in our past- growing up, growing old. We saw ourselves in every corner, in every living things that surrounded us.  This acorn shows me the symbol of life. It shows me the ages, the wrinkles, the broken thing and the most important of all..

'the expiration date'.

Later, the short adventure continues at the most nostalgic area in every Kuchingite's life; the Pangkalan Batu where I stumble on this peculiar star-flower. This star flower is something that people can eat when it grows bigger. It tastes a bit sour and sweet, and smells like spices, or more like cinnamon. I never knew that this thing can be eaten. It looks beautiful on my first sight.

Well, what can I say? Life is full of surprise.

The view of Kuching Waterfront at Pangkalan Batu. I stood up, built up the far- gone shops along the Pangkalan, the busy zig-zag of penambang across the river and the wooden bridge and jetty with my mind. Nothing's left, except the grand Astana, the new-majestic DUN hall, the small park around the clock and the story of Kuching that filled my heart.

"Old is always familiar."

At the end, we drove out. Leave the short adventure behind and cool down at Plaza Astana. The weather was nice for us to continue the reminiscent moment. But the final stuff that my brain, my belly, and my mouth could spell at the end is only'food'. Yeah, we ended the adventure with...

This chilly ice-shave puts me in a spell:
I got bewitched.
Absolutely bold and cool.
Oh my...

And this set; mee Jawa, air bandung and sate. Thank God for this wonderful gift, livelihood and bless.

So, this is my way to reminisce my life. The combination of nature, memories, history, experience and food. Great, wasn't it?

sony xperia.

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