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Happy Eating, Hapless Gluttony

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Eating is important. Eating is crucial for survival. We eat to keep living. However, this statement has been restated as 'we lived to eat'. The world is too much to offer, the variety is getting bigger and gluttony grows larger than it should. Why eat too much than we could handle?

That's gluttony.

Gluttony, according to Christian denominations, it is considered as one of the seven deadliest sins. That's a desire of food more than a needy. Based on Jew in 613 commandments, excessive eating and drinking is prohibited. Meanwhile in Islam, gluttony is not a sin but there are a lot of verses in Quran, to remind people about the result of gluttony, the forbidden foods that should not be taken and do not follow the footstep of evil one. So it can be conclude that gluttony is the beginning of waste, ignorance, haughty and arrogance-which leads people into several kind of sins.

Funny thing, gluttony is related to Gary, the pet-snail Spongebob in cartoon series 'Spongebob Squarepants'. There's the episode when Gary is very hungry he ate everything inside the pineapple house and went crazy. Yup, crazy and gluttony is separated over a very thin line. Be careful.

Behind the History

Gluttony or overeating is the crime of cooking when man's desire reach far than a stomach could digest. Through the history of French cuisine, Louis XIV the sun King or Sol Invictus, whose stomach was 3 times larger than usual; the chef Vatel commit suicide when his banquet party meets failure; and the worse one, Father Gourrier killed his many victims by wining and dining them. FYI, Father Gourier didn't used any poison or illegal substance to murder the victim. He just served the victim with rich meal and heavy foods, watching them enjoying all foods until they too satisfied and drop dead.

Famous People Who Probably Died by Gluttony

1. Alexander the Great
Alexander The Great

According to history, this leader died because of malaria. Somehow, he was an active man, not obese. But obese might be unrelated to someone who didn't enjoy a good food for a certain time so when he saw one, he couldn't slow his own desire to eat. Overeating won't killed people in speed but somehow, it will affect the stomach and intestine parts. Or, the eater might died immediately because of serious choke.

2. Zachary Taylor

He was the US president, enjoying too much food during the 4th July celebration. He consumed various of foods such as dairies, fruits and sweet things which obviously his stomach could not agree. He grew ill later, seriously not well and died. The cause of the death was gastroenteritis.

3. Mozart

Mozart the greatest musician. His love of music is much equal to undercooked pork chops. Although no one was very sure about his real cause of death and it is hard to gain some evidence since his remains were dug up and the bones were scattered. But according to his letter to Dr. Jan V. Hirschmann, Mozart having symptoms of trichinosis, caused by worms in undercooked meat. So, this might be one of the reason of his death.

4. Adolf Frederick

The King of Sweden (1751-1771) had enjoyed the most extravagant meal everyday such as lobsters, caviar, kippers and all kinds of rich-and-heavy meals. Surprisingly he had 14 servings for himself in Thanksgiving. Then, he died because of digestive problems, obviously the stomach met its failure and the intestines keep all poops inside- gaining bacteria and diseases. 

5. Henry I

Henry I
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The King of England (1100-1135), was not a glutton guy. He might be Envy, Lust or Greed in order to be a king (by killing his brother) but he was not such an over eater. However, his overeating desire suddenly emerged and enjoyed lampreys (the small fish with sharp teeth and attach to sharks) too much until he went sick. He died in slow step of agony.

W.M. Thackeray
6. William Makepeace Thackeray

The author of Vanity Fair book was a notorious glutton. He ate a lot, often ruining his digestion. He had a gastrointestinal problem and he had an addiction towards spicy foods. According to history, he died because of stroke but the possibility of stress in overeating might be one of the cause when the stroke strikes him.

So, people, as you know, eating is a happy thing. You have all the time to enjoy every good meal in this world but to eat the whole good thing in one time, it's diabolically hapless.


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