Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Portrait Sketching is Back

Portrait sketching is fun, fun, fun. My younger brother knows that, he loved charcoal art. Although I don't have a complete set of pencil (2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 8B...no 6B and 7B) and obviously I'm still looking the charcoal gear, I tried my best to explore more.

To be honest, I'm not very good in portrait sketching. But still, I wanna do that. And I did it many times when I was a student (probably in 2002, the best sketch was Hrithik Roshan for my friend but sadly someone stole it). Then, my ability went down when I set my brain in study. So, in 2005, my portrait sketching appears like this:

Indian girl, that was my intention
Western girl...I don't think so

Don't say it. I know, it was bad. I keep this so I can learn my mistake.

Lately I began to train myself to make changes in my arts style. No big eyes, no small pouty mouth or no unrealistic nose and neck. In other hand, try to be as realistic as possible. Thank God I have the opportunity- one of my friend wants me to sketch her face as her wedding surprise. In 2 months, I've learned so much, fix so much and enjoy very much. This is the result of my 1st sketch after 8 years:

Later, my cuzzy's wedding show me the other opportunity. I made a sketch for his lovely wife and gave it as a wedding gift:

Then I realized my friend's wedding is around the corner. I made another sketch with hope that she might like it:

So, without I realized I already set myself into this field and set them in nice frames:

Last week was my niece's birthday. I made a special sketch for her since I don't know the best gift to give her. Yes, she liked it:
She's cutie pie..but naughty

Oh, no. I'm addicted all of a sudden. I sketch more than I expected. But that's the beauty of art. You do it, you never get bored. And I loved it so much I can't say no when it's about my momi. Momi, I made this for you:

My mom is the prettiest lady
in my whole life ^^
And before I stop and sit back for awhile, I made another two. Surprisingly, I can't sketch my own face. Since I have a lot similarities with my dad, so I find myself in difficult situation to sketch his face. This is my sisters:

The Second
The First.
Okay....now I'm waiting for another opportunities. I'm ready for order ^^