Monday, 17 March 2014

Sunday's Walking: Kampung Bako

I went to Kampung Bako, malay village at Kuching. Not very far from Bako National Park, so to speak. To be honest I never had a chance to visit Bako (since no one brought me there) and I got extremely bored during Sunday morning. The sweet thing was yesterday was my cuzzy's wedding parade so what the hell spending time inside the room? As you can predict what I wanna say next, the wedding parade was just a reason. I want to see Bako with my own eyes.

Bako, Bako, Bako...when I say your name repeatedly, it sounds catchy.

To begin with, my pop drove on Viva together with me and my mom. An hour later (actually I didn't remember the time consumption so please ignore that), we finally reached the Bako Hulu jetty. The view is different, it makes me feel different. The whole scene is, not the everyday scene in my eyes so of course I'd that kind of feeling.

Inside my eyes, this is the real village- woods are the basic, boats are everywhere, and the background green hill is breathtaking. Although there's a slight disturbance under the bridge, the tiny-bitsy-wee wee junk and few unknown items that might be throw out from someone's window, I loved this place. I told you, this is the real village. I can smell more than woods over there.

This is what I saw yesterday.

The time was around 9:45 a.m. The weather
was nice and windy.
That's Bako Hulu village. We're heading to
Bako Hilir village- the wedding parade, I told
you already.
Yeah, here comes the bride~
They're so RED-blooded couple.
No time to snap a lot, it's time to go back with
the '28' boat. The time was around 11 a.m.
And before I ended the story of river
and whatsoever, this is Bako Tengah.
And so, after few short minutes on board, the journey finally meets the end. Since we're already came at Bako and Bako is famous with seafoods (FYI, Bako is the fishermen's paradise), my pop bought fresh fishes. Oo, I loved this place. This is my Sunday's walking.


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