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The Meaning of Symbolism in Group Identity

( It's time for a wee-bit of general knowledge)

Symbolism has been used to denote identity, to confirm and to shared beliefs or the adherence to families. It designed to provide an instant recognizable sign. It can be represented in different form or shapes and it shows the expression of certain behaviour. Symbolism in group identity is a way of structuring social relations.


Most commonly associated with French royalty, the right to rule France, and also the symbol of scouts organization, Fleur-de-lys (lily flower) has three petals, standing for both the Holy Trinity and the triple majesty of God, creation and loyalty. It also known as heraldic motif, it was later adopted by the International Boy Scout movement.


Hitler adopted the swastika, an ancient solar symbol with many profound meanings, as the sign for the Nazi party. The distinctive black sign in a white circle against a red background became the German national flag in 1935, and the emblem was used in many different places- it is the holy symbol in Buddha and Hindu. The swastika was used to promote Nazi propaganda and instill allegiance to Hitler. Until now, swastika is widely known for its spiritual power. The name, swastika, came from India. The other name for swastika is Wan (China), Fylfot (England), Hakenkruez (German) and Tetraskelion or Gammadion (Greece). The meaning of Swastika is 'Well Being'.

The Crossroad

The crossroad marks are traditionally the important point of decision and sacred monuments. The site of crossroad is a place of transition, a symbol of risk, opportunity, change, choice and transformation. It is the place to intersect, to encounter and traditionally associated with the power of the other world. In drama series, Supernatural, the crossroad is a symbol of dark side, associated with ghosts, witches and troublesome spirits. At the same time, the crossroad is also linked with divination. In Japan, the crossroad would reveal what fate might bring.

Alpha and Omega

The first and the last letter in Greek, alpha and omega symbolized the two poles of the universe which contain the total knowledge, being, time and space. In Christianity, alpha and omega, it associated to Jesus Christ  who in the book of Revelation; "I am alpha and omega, the beginning and the ending...which is and which was and which is to come (1:8)". In modern society, alpha and omega is similar to A to Z, means completely, thoroughly and in detail.

The Cross

Nowadays, the cross is associated with Christianity. Basically, it is one of the oldest encompassing symbols. The ankh is the Egyptian version of the cross, and the ancient manifestations. In China, the cross was expressed in the ideogram meaning 'earth', an equilateral cross within a square. The Tau cross or T-Cross is another ancient cross symbol. It appears as a symbol of sun god, and its shape denoting testicles and penis. The Latin cross, known as crux according to Jesus's death by crucifixion. For Christians, the crucifix is a seminal symbol, representing the death of Christ, resurrection, the victory of spirit and the redemption of humanity


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