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Suddenly, it happens. The mystery of MAS MH370 was missing after air turn back, according to what I watch from current TV news. I didn't want to speculate, to added uncertain information, politics, Bermuda Triangle stuff, idiot jokes or being investigator. That is not my job. The missing plane of Boeing 777 with 227 passenger is serious.

Dear people with healthy brain and healthy body, please stop saying unnecessary things about this issue. There were 227 souls, minus the other odd 2. They have families and friends. 

I made this entry for them. Hopefully everything will be fine. Dear kite, no matter where you we pray for your safety and please come back to us.


Aviation M.I.A Fact
(This info has no intention to scare, to threaten or to offend people. This is just some additional information according to several cases in aerial disappearances.)

Those cases were under Missing Aviators, Missing Aircraft, Missing air passenger and MIA. The list was taken from Wikipedia source, last modified on 9 March 2014, 19:31 p.m.

DateAircraftNotable peopleTotal number missingAircraft typeType of incidentContextLocationCoordinatesMemorialRemarks
28 Dec 1856Ville de ParisMatias Perez1Hot air balloonUnknownFree balloon flightStraits of Florida north ofHavanaCubaUnknownCuban expression: Voló como Matías Pérez.
28 Sep 1879Pathfinder
John Wise
John Wise
1Hydrogen balloonUnknownFree balloon flightLake Michigan42.07°N 87.93°W (position of last sighting)Body of sole passenger recovered from Lake Michigan.
10 Dec 1881SaladinWalter Powell1Hydrogen balloonLoss of controlFree balloon flightEype Mouth, west ofBridportDorset50.72°N 2.78°WMP for Malmesbury when he disappeared.
18 Oct 1910
Airship America, from the rescue ship Trent
0Non-rigid airshipAbandonmentAttempted 1st transatlantic flightN Atlantic, west ofBermudaUnknown
Walter Wellman
Occupants rescued by merchant vessel.
22 Dec 1910S.29/Cecil Grace No. 3Cecil Grace1Short S.27UnknownPrivate flightEnglish Channel en routefrom Calais to DoverUnknownReturning from unsuccessful attempt at Baron de Forest Prize. Body possibly found on 14 March 1911.
5 Jun 1911Édouard Bague1
A Blériot XI in flight
Blériot XI monoplane
UnknownAttempted 1st flight acrossMediterraneanMediterranean, near Cap d'AntibesUnknownRoland Garros made 1st trans-Mediterranean flight, 13 Sep 1913.
18 Apr 1912
Damer Leslie Allen
Damer Leslie Allen
A Blériot XI in flight
Blériot XI monoplane
UnknownAttempted 1st flight from Walesto IrelandIrish Sea, west ofAngleseyUnknownCompeting with Denys Corbett Wilson.
13 Oct 1913
Albert Jewell
Albert Jewell
A Blériot XI in flight
UnknownFerry/repositioning (Hempstead, Long I. to Oakwood, Staten I.NY to join air race)N Atlantic, off Long IslandNYUSA40.48°N 73.79°W(approx.)Intended to compete in the New York Times American Aerial Derby.
14 Mar 1914Manuel Rodríguez
Teniente Bello
Alejandro Bello Silva
1Sánchez-BesabiplaneUnknownMilitary training flightCentral ChileUnknownChilean expression: más perdido que el Teniente Bello.
23 May 1914
Gustav Hamel
Gustav Hamel
1Morane-Saulnier80 hp (60 kW)monoplaneUnknownDelivery flightEnglish Channel en routefrom Hardelot to Hendon AerodromeUnknownHamel's corpse probably found 6 Jul 1914 (identity unconfirmed)
7 Nov 1917LZ600Zeppelin LZ60Storm lossBroke free of mooringNorth SeaUnknownZeppelin unmanned when it broke free.
2 June 1919Mansell Richard James1
Sopwith Camel on the ground
Sopwith Camel
UnknownAir race (Bostonto New York)New England en routefrom Boston to New YorkUnknownReports of wreckage (Mount Riga NYPittsfield MAFort Pond BayNY)
9 Dec 1919George Henry Fraser1Martinsyde Type A Mk.IUnknownAir race (England to Australia)St George's Bay, CorfuUnknownAirframe & corpse of Cedric Howell(pilot) recovered.
23 Mar 1921A-55975Hydrogen balloonUnknownFree balloon flight (all-night training)Gulf of Mexico off St. Andrews Bay (Florida)UnknownBalloon found (without crew) 8 Apr 1921.
21 Dec 1923Image in de.wikipediaDixmude49Zeppelin LZ114Storm damage or mid-air explosion (suspected)Attempted flight across Sahara DesertVicinity of PantelleriaItalyen route from Gulf of GabesUnknownCuersFrance[1]42 crew, 7 passengers missing. Light debris & body of Jean du Plessis de Grenedan (commander) found in sea near SciaccaSicily, 26 Dec 1923.
15 Nov 1924Fokker 4146
Artur de Sacadura Cabral
Artur de Sacadura Cabral
2Fokker T.IIICrashed in fog (probable)Delivery flight (Amsterdam toLisbon)English Channel en routefrom Amsterdam toLisbonUnknownAircraft debris discovered 18 Nov 1924.
8 May 1927
L'Oiseau Blanc
L'Oiseau Blanc (The White Bird)
François Coli and
Charles Nungesser
Charles Nungesser
2Levasseur PL.8UnknownAttempted transatlantic flight (1st E to W, 1stParis to New York)N AtlanticUnknown
Charles Nungesser
ÉtretatLe Bourget airport
Coli Lake, ONT 51.32°N 93.59°W
Competing for Orteig Prize. Source.[2]
26 May 1927G-IAAB[3]2
Airco D.H.9
Airco DH.9 D3180
UnknownPrivate flightNW Turkey en routeKonya to Istanbul(between Konya &Eskişehir or Kütahya &Bandırma)[4]Last sighted:Kadınhanı 38.23°N 32.22°EF/O John James Crofts Cocks (b. 18.02.1895)[5][6] and LAC Rowston left LahoreBritish India on 11 May, for Lympne,England.[7][8][9][10][11][12]
19 Aug 1927Dallas Spirit(NX941)William Portwood Erwin2Swallow monoplaneUnknownSearch and rescue missionPacific Ocean en routefrom Oakland to HonoluluUnknownCompetitor in Dole Air Race, searching for Miss Doran & Golden Eagle
31 Aug 1927Saint RaphaelLeslie Hamilton,Princess Anne of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Freudenberg andFrederick F. Minchin3Fokker F.VIIAUnknownAttempted transatlantic flight (1st E to W,Upavon ENG toOttawa CAN)N Atlantic in the vicinity ofNewfoundlandUnknownHamilton Lake, ONT 50.89°N 90.38°W
7 Sep 1927Old GloryLloyd W. Bertaudand J.D. Hill3Fokker F.VIIAOverloading (probable)Attempted transatlantic flight (Old Orchard Beach, Maine toRomeItaly)N Atlantic 960km E ofCape Race,NewfoundlandUnknownOld Glory Memorial,Scottdale, PA
Bertaud Lake, ONT 50.90°N 90.71°W
Wreckage discovered by SS Kyle12 Sep 1927. Sources.[2][13][14]
23 Dec 1927The DawnBrice Goldsborough,Frances Wilson Grayson and Oskar Omdal4Sikorsky S-36UnknownAttempted transatlantic flightN Atlantic en route fromNYC to NewfoundlandUnknownGoldsborough Lake,ONT 50.70°N 89.34°WIntended to attempt Newfoundlandto London flight.
10 Jan 1928AotearoaLieutenant John Moncrieff andCaptain George Hood2Ryan B-1 BroughamUnknownFirst attempted trans-Tasmanflight.Tasman SeaUnknownA number of streets named 'Moncrieff' or 'Hood' in various New Zealand towns and cities; Hood Aerodromein MastertonWairarapa.Departed from SydneyAustraliafor Trentham, New Zealand. Radio signals ceased when the aircraft should have been about two hours out from New Zealand.
13 Mar 1928EndeavourWalter G. R. Hinchliffe and Elsie Mackay2Stinson SM-1 DetroiterUnknownAttempted transatlantic flight (1st E to WRAF Cranwell ENG toNewfoundland)N Atlantic on a course from en route fromCrookhaven toNewfoundlandUnknownBremen made 1st E to Wtransatlantic flight, 12–14 April 1928: Baldonnel Aerodrome IRL toGreenly I. CAN.
25 May 1928
Airship Italia
Aldo Pontremoli6Semi-rigid airshipCrash landingPolar explorationBarents Sea81.23°N 28.23°EOne person also died in the crash. Subsequent searches unsuccessful.[15]
18 Jun 1928
Latham 47.02 just before take off on 18 June 1928
Latham 47.02
Roald Amundsen
Roald Amundsenand René Guilbaud
6Latham 47UnknownSearch and rescue missionBarents SeaUnknownSearching for survivors of Italia,
6 Sep 19283
Blackburn Blackburn II in Flight
Blackburn R-1 Blackburn
UnknownMilitary reconnaissanceNorth SeaUnknownP/O Samuel Hatton, Lt. Charles Sheldon Booth, RN and J7760 Telegraphist Edmund George Bourke Grigson lost; No. 422 (Fleet Spotter) FlightHMS Argus[16][17]
27 Mar 19312
Armstrong Whitworth Atlas
Armstrong Whitworth Atlas
UnknownMilitary patrolEnglish Channel nearReculverKent on flight from RAF Manston.UnknownLost: F/O Charles Richard Fildes Wintringham[18] & AC1 L.A. Ellard,No. 2 (Army Co-operation) Sqn RAF. Debris came ashore.[19][20]
30 May 1932CF-AGL[21]2de Havilland DH.60 MothUnknownPrivate flightVicinity of St. Anthony, Newfoundland and LabradorUnknownArthur Sullivan (pilot), Dr Kurt K. (Karl) Kuenhert vanished on pleasure flight.[22][23][24][25][26]
12 Aug 1932G-AAKA[27]2
Avro Avian
Avro 616 Avian IVM
UnknownPrivate flightGulf of Martaban en routefrom MoulmeinBurma toRangoonVicinity of 16.93°N 96.93°E(unconfirmed)[28]English planters, GW Salt and FB Taylor,[29] left KL 3 July,[30][31] to fly to England.[32][33][34][35][36][37][38]
14 Sep 1932
A replica of NR796W in its Miss Veedol livery
The American Nurse (NR796W)
3Bellanca Skyrocket J-400 Long-Distance SpecialUnknownAttempted New York to RomeflightNorth Atlantic, 640km (400mi) west of Cape FinisterreSpainUnknownNR796W (as Miss Veedol) made 1st non-stop trans-Pacific flight (Oct 1931).
20 Jun 1933
Cuatros Vientos
Cuatro Vientos
Mariano Barberánand Joaquín Collar Serra2Br.19 TF Super BidonUnknownAttempted long-distance flightVicinity of Villahermosa,TabascoMexicoUnknownAircraft was on final leg of a Sevilleto Mexico City flight.
3 Dec 1934Stella Australis(VH-UXY)
Charles Ulm
Charles Ulm
Airspeed Envoy
Airspeed Envoy
Ditching (sea) due to fuel starvationAttempted US toAustralia flightPacific Ocean in vicinity of Hawaii en route fromOaklandUnknownMost probable that aircraft overflew Hawaii.
8 Nov 1935
Lady Southern Cross
Lady Southern Cross
Charles Kingsford Smith
Charles Kingsford Smith
2Lockheed AltairUnknownAttempt to breakEngland toAustralia speed recordAndaman Sea en routefrom Allahabad toSingaporeUnknown
10 Feb 1936Ville de Buenos Aires (F-AOIK)Émile Barrière6
Croix-du-Sud the prototype for the Latécoère 301
Latécoère 301
UnknownPassenger flightS Atlantic, vicinity of Saint Peter and Saint Paul ArchipelagoUnknown
7 Dec 1936
Croix-du-Sud at Natal, Brazil, 1 Sep 1934
Jean Mermoz5Latécoère 300UnknownAir mail flightS Atlantic en route fromDakar to Natal, Brazil11.13°N 22.67°W (last reported position)[39]Final radio message (incomplete) reported engine failure minutes after last position report.
15 Feb 1937K5619[40]3
Blackburn Sharks in flight, HMS Courageous in background
Blackburn Shark[41]
UnknownMilitary patrolMediterranean SeaUnknownLost: Sub-Lt George Eric Lake, Lt Roderick W. MacDonald & Telegraphist, C/JX 133704 William H. Currie, 821 Naval Air SqnFAA,HMS Courageous[42][43][44]
2 Jul 1937
Amelia Earhart with NR 16020
NR 16020
Amelia Earhart
Amelia Earhart andFred Noonan
2Lockheed Electra 10EUnknownAttempted round-the-world flightOn approach to Howland IslandPacific OceanVicinity of Howland island
Earhart Light
Earhart Light, Howland Island
13 Aug 1937DB-A prototype
Sigizmund Levanevsky
Sigizmund Levanevsky
Bolkhovitinov DB-A
Bolkhovitinov DB-A
UnknownAttempted long-distance flight (Moscow toFairbanks, Alaskavia North Pole)Arctic en route from Moscow to FairbanksUnknownPossible sighting of wreckage on sea floor, near 70.07°N 145.28°W (1999)
24 Feb 1938K7734[45]3
Vickers Wellesley
Vickers Wellesley (Type 292)
UnknownAttempted round Britain flightNorth Sea (last reported 80km (50m) east of Wick,Scotland en route toShetland[46]UnknownFlt. Lt. F.S. Gardner (pilot), F/O G.J.D. Thomson & Sgt. G. Higgs, Long Range Development Unit.[47]Debris found StavangerNorway22.03.38.[46]
4 Apr 1938K2944[48]3
Vickers Vildebeest
Vickers Vildebeest Mark II[49]
UnknownMilitary training flight (night navigation exercise)South China Sea, vicinity of Horsburgh Lighthouse,Pedra Branca, Singapore1.330283°N 104.4074°E(Horsburgh Lighthouse)Lost: Sgt. W.D.M Roberts (pilot), AC1 E.J. Beisly & AC1 M.R. Hunter of No. 100 Sqn RAFRAF Seletar,Singapore[50]
17 Apr 1938Andrew Carnegie Whitfield1
Taylor Cub
Taylor Cub
UnknownPrivate flightVicinity of Long Island en route from Roosevelt Field to BrentwoodUnknown
28 Jul 1938Hawaii Clipper(NC14714)15
Martin 130 China Clipper class flying boat
Martin M-130
UnknownPassenger flight909km E of the Philippinecoast, en route fromGuam to ManilaUnknown
6 Aug 1938K9759[51]1Hawker HectorUnknownMilitary navigation flightNorth Sea off Blackhall RocksEnglandUnknownLost: P/O Douglas St Quentin Robinson, No. 13 Sqn RAFRAF Odiham[52][53][54]
8 Aug 1938K8831[51]4
Avro Anson
Avro Anson
UnknownMilitary flightNorth Sea off Bridlington,EnglandUnknownLost: Sgt. Cecil Joseph Le Patrick Gordon (pilot), AC2 Thomas Charles Andrews, AC1 Melville George Brand, AC1 Leslie Freeman, No. 233 Sqn RAFRAF Thornaby[51][52][54]
6 Oct 1938K6971[55]3
Handley Page Harrow
Handley Page H.P.54 Harrow
Storm conditions (probable, lightning strike possible)Military flight (night exercise)English Channel offDungenessKentUnknownLost: F/O D.A. Hamilton, P/O R.N. Haynes, P/O T.I.S. Munro, LAC C.S. Lodge & AC1 T. Prowse, No. 215 SqnRAF HoningtonSuffolk.[56][57]
9 May 1939K3570[58]2
Westland Wallace
Westland Wallace
Fouling of tail by towing cableMilitary: artillery target towNorth Sea flying over theTheddlethorpe firing rangesUnknownLost: P/O M.T. Lloyd & AC J. Flannery of No. 1 Air Armament School.[59]
9 Aug 1939L4258[60]5
Vickers Wellington I
Vickers Wellington I
UnknownMilitary flightNorth Sea on a flight fromRAF MildenhallUnknownLost: F/O T.A. Darling, P/O F.E. Board, A/Sgt A. Linkley, AC1 R.C.B, Collins & AC1 J.W. Sadler of No. 149 Sqn RAF.[61]
11 Aug 1939Shalom (NX557NN)2Ryan C-2 FoursomeUnknownAttempted transatlantic flightN Atlantic en route from the St Peter's NS toIrelandUnknownNYC to Palestine flight by Betaractivists Alex Loeb and Richard Decker.[62][63]
19 Aug 19396
Supermarine Stranraer in flight over water
Supermarine Stranraer[64]
UnknownMilitary patrolNorth Sea between northern Scotland andNorwayUnknownLost: Act. Flt. Lt. F.E.R. King, F/O A.F. Barber, LAC D. Fulcher, AC1 D.G.P. Ash, AC1 L.S. Freshwater & AC1 W.J. Jeckells, No. 209 Sqn RAFRAF InvergordonRoss & Cromarty.[65][66][67][68]
1 Mar 1940G-AAGX HannibalHarold Whistler8
H.P.42 Hanno
Handley Page H.P.42
UnknownPassenger flightGulf of Oman en routefrom JaskIran andSharjahEmirate of SharjahUnknownLost: 4 crew; 4 passengers.
16 Aug 1942
Blimp L-8
2L class blimpUnknownMilitary: anti-submarine patrolPacific Ocean in vicinity of San FranciscoUnknownAirship drifted back to land; absence of crew unexplained.
7–9 July 1943Kenji Tsukagoshi8Tachikawa Ki-77Unconfirmed enemy actionAttempted flight:Singapore to Sarabus[69] (nowHvardiiske,Crimea45.12°N 33.98°EOver the Indian OceanUnknownLost: crew of 5 & 3 IJApassengers. Likely intercepted by RAF fighters over Indian Ocean as flight known to through decrypted communications.
26 Jul 194441-107470
Leon Vance
Leon Vance
Douglas C-54A-5-DO
UnknownMilitary transport (wounded personnel)N Atlantic SE ofGreenland en route fromKeflavíkIceland toStephenville, NewfoundlandUnknownSource.[70]
15 Dec 194444-70285
Glenn Miller
Glenn Miller
UC-64 Norseman
UC-64 Norseman
UnknownMilitary transportEnglish Channel en routefrom Clapham, BedfordshireUnited Kingdom to ParisFranceUnknownNo trace of the aircrew, passengers or plane found, possibly overflew bomb jettisoning area. Also lost: F/O John Morgan & Lt. Col. Norman F. Baessell.[71]
26 Feb 194541-24174, c/n 969
Millard Harmon
Millard Harmon andJames Roy Andersen
Consolidated C-87A Liberator Express
C-87A Liberator Express
Unknown (known safety issues with aircraft type)Military transportPacific Ocean en routefrom Kwajalein Atoll toJohnston IslandUnknown2 passengers and pilot identified; number of others lost unknown.
27 Mar 1945Commando
Sir Peter Drummond
Sir Peter Drummond
11–25Liberator B Mk II (LB-30)UnknownMilitary transportN Atlantic in vicinity ofAzoresUnknown7 passengers identified in media; number of others lost unknown.
20 Oct 1945A65-8325Douglas C-47B-30-DKUnknownMilitary transport(wounded personnel)Timor SeaUnknownSource.[73]
5 Dec 1945Flight 1914
TBF (Avengers) flying in formation
TBM Avenger (5)
UnknownMilitary training flightOff east coast of FloridaUnknown
5 Dec 1945BuNo 5922513
PBM Mariner water takeoff
Martin PBM-5 Mariner
Mid-air explosion (presumed)Search and rescue mission, while searching for Flight 19.Off east coast of Florida28.59°N 80.25°W
23 Mar 1946G-AGLX10Avro LancastrianUnknownPassenger flightIndian Ocean en routefrom ColomboCeylon toCocos (Keeling) Is.(BOAC/Qantas London -Sydney route)Unknown5 crew, 5 passengers missing. Source.[74]
30 Jan 1948Star Tiger (G-AHNP)
Arthur Conningham
Arthur Coningham (RAF officer)
31Avro Tudor Mark IVUnknownPassenger flightN Atlantic en route from the Azores to BermudaUnknown
1 Aug 1948Lionel de Marnier(F-BDRC)52Latécoère 631Crashed in water for an unknown reasonPassenger flightAtlantic Ocean en routefrom Martinique toMauritaniaUnknown
28 Dec 1948NC1600232
Douglas DC-3, SE-CFP
Douglas DC-3DST-144
UnknownPassenger flightOff east coast of FloridaUnknown
17 Jan 1949Star Ariel (G-AGRE)20Avro Tudor Mark IVBUnknownPassenger flightN Atlantic en route fromBermuda to Kingston, JamaicaUnknown
26 Jan 195042-7246944
Douglas C-54D USAAF wartime markings Chico CA
Douglas C-54D Skymaster
UnknownPassenger flightYukon Territory in vicinity of SnagUnknown
23 Jun 1950N9542558
Aerolineas Argentinas DC4 atEZE
Douglas DC-4(formerly C-54)
UnknownPassenger flightLake Michigan, 29km NNW of Benton Harbor, MI42.37°N 86.62°W
21 Jul 1951CF-CPC37
Aerolineas Argentinas DC4 atEZE
Douglas DC-4(former C-54A/R5D-1)
UnknownPassenger flightAlaska (probable)Unknown
2 Feb 1953G-AHFA39
Avro York G-AHFG
Avro York
UnknownPassenger flightN Atlantic en route fromLajesAzores to Gander,Newfoundland46.25°N 46.52°W
1 Apr 1953G-AKBL[75]2
Miles Messenger
Miles M.38 Messenger 2A
UnknownPrivate flightIrish Sea en route fromRAF Northolt to Dublin Airport via DaventryUnknown (probable debris sighted from air, west of Isle of Man)[75]Lost: Rodney R. Matthews-Naper (pilot) & Walter Bradley. Death presumed (M-N: 24.07.53[75] & B.: 19.03.54)[76][77] Pilot to fly to Australia, starting 6.04.53.[75]
23 Nov 195351-5853A
1st Lt. Felix Moncla
Felix Moncla
2F-89C ScorpionUnknownUFO interceptLake Superior, about 20 miles north of US-Canadian border48.0°N 86.49°W (point of disappearance on radar)
Felix Moncla memorial
Gene Moncla memorial, Sacred Heart Cemetery,Moreauville LA
31 Jan 195644-291252
B-25J-20/22-NC "Mitchell"
B-25J-20/22-NC "Mitchell"
Ditching (river) due to fuel starvationMilitary transportMonongahela RiverPA2.4km downstream from the 7.9 km marker42.4°N 79.92°W (point of impact)Two crew lost in water; airframe not located
10 Mar 1956SN:52-5343
XB47 on runway
B-47 Stratojet
UnknownMilitary missionMediterranean SeaUnknownNuclear weapons material lost in incident
22 Mar 195750-070267
C-97A Stratofreighter
Boeing C-97C-35-BO Stratofreighter
UnknownMilitary transportPacific Ocean, 320km SEof TokyoJapan en routefrom Travis Air Force BaseFairfield, CaliforniaUnknownMissing:
10 crew; 57 passengers.[78]
20 Feb 1958The lost aircraft flying in March 1957.14131022Lockheed WV-2 Super ConstellationUnknownMilitary (airborne radar patrol)N Atlantic 176km W of Ilha do CorvoAzores en route from Naval Air Station ArgentiaNFCANto Lajes FieldTerceira IslandAzoresUnknownSource.[79]
8 Nov 1958TAM-053
Douglas DC-3, SE-CFP
Douglas DC-3
UnknownCargo flightCentral Bolivia en routefrom San Borja to El Alto International AirportLa PazUnknownOperated by Transporte Aéreo Militar.[80]
9 Nov 1958CS-THB36
PBM Mariner water takeoff
Martin PBM-5 Mariner
UnknownPassenger flightN Atlantic en route fromCabo RuivoLisbon,Portugal to Funchal AirportFunchalMadeira35.50°N 13.00°W(estimated)Last radio transmission:
"I am forced to land immediately."[81]
28 Oct 1959FAR-53
Camilo Cienfuegos
Camilo Cienfuegos
1Cessna 310UnknownPrivate flightGulf of Mexico en routefrom Camagüey toHavanaUnknown
10 Jul 1960VT-DGS16
Douglas C-47 Skytrain
Douglas C-47-DL
UnknownPassenger flightVicinity of SharjahUAEen route from Doha AirportQatar to Sharjah AirportUnknownMissing:
3 crew; 13 passengers. Crashed at sea or overflew destination causingCFIT.[80]
3 Feb 1961PK-GDY26
Douglas C-47A
Douglas C-47A-20-DK
UnknownPassenger flightOff Madura Island,Indonesia en route fromSurabaya-Juanda Airportto Balikpapan-SAMS AirportUnknownMissing:
5 crew; 21 passengers.[82]
11 Nov 1961HH-ABA3
L-749A Constellation N6022C TWA Heathrow 09.54
Lockheed L-749A Constellation
UnknownCargo flightOver the Caribbean Sea Eof Puerto Rico en routefrom San Juan toManaguaNicaraguaUnknown
15 Mar 1962N6921C107
Lockheed L1049H CF-NAM Nordair MAN 02.07.66
Lockheed Constellation L-1049H
Mid-air explosion (presumed)Military transportWestern Pacific Ocean13.67°N 140.00°EFlying Tiger Line Flight 739
2 Jan 196452-09689
 C-124C landing at Travis AFB 1984
Douglas C-124C Globemaster II
UnknownMilitary transportPacific Ocean 1200 km Wof Hawaii en route fromWake Island Airfield toHickam Air Force Base,HonoluluUnknownOne passenger was lost in the accident.
28 Mar 1964N4726V9
Douglas C-54A-10-DC
UnknownPassenger flightPacific Ocean, 1120 kmW of San Francisco CAen route from Honolulu Int'l Airport to Los Angeles Int'l Airport29.33°N 135.00°W (last reported position)Aircraft used in film The High and the Mighty (1954).[83] Source.[84]
12 Aug 1964N9492X
Charles Clifford Ogle
Charles Clifford Ogle
1Cessna 210AUnknownPrivate flightSierra Nevada Mountains, USAUnknown
9 Jun 196551-26809
Fairchild C-119G Flying Boxcar
Fairchild C-119F-FA Flying Boxcar
UnknownMilitary transportN Atlantic off theBahamas en route fromHomestead Air Force BaseFL to Grand Turk Island AirportUnknownFour of those lost were mechanics being transported to Grand Turk Island to repair a C-119.[85]
11 Jul 1966HK-5278Curtiss C-46D-10-CU CommandoUnknownCargo flightNear Cerro el Planchon,Chile en route fromBogotaColombia toBuenos AiresArgentinaUnknown
25 Jul 1966HS-OOO3
Douglas DC-3, SE-CFP
Douglas DC-3-362
UnknownDelivery flightPacific Ocean 840 km off the US coastUnknown
5 Jun 1968
A-12 (#60–6932) in flight
Aircraft No. 129 (#60–6932)[86][87][88]
1Lockheed A-12UnknownCheck flight (engine replacement)Philippine Sea, on a flight from Kadena Air Base,OkinawaApprox. 920 km (500nmi) E ofPhilippines & 1111 km (600nmi) S of Okinawa - 16.35°N 130.15°ELost: CIA pilot Jack W. Weeks. Scheduled as last operational A-12 flight from Kadena.[88]
9 Mar 1969N38213
Aerolineas Argentinas DC4 atEZE
Douglas DC-4
UnknownCargo flightN Atlantic en route fromHalifax International Airport to Santa Maria Airport (Azores)Unknown
5 Jun 196962-413719Boeing RC-135UnknownFlight to maintenance facilityBering Sea en route fromShemya AFBAK toEielson AFBAK, ca 400km E of ShemyaUnknown
21 Sep 1970The Free Life(N2079)Macolm Brighton(pilot)3Roziere balloonDitching (sea) due to equipment failure and weatherAttempted transatlantic flight (1st by balloon)N Atlantic approx 1000kmSE of NewfoundlandUnknownFirst transatlantic balloon crossing, 11–16 August 1978 by Double Eagle IIPresque Isle, Maine toMisereyFrance
25 Jan 1971N400CP5Rockwell 1121 Jet CommanderUnknownPassenger flight (executive jet)Over from Lake ChamplainNY(presumed) en route fromBurlington International AirportVT to T. F. Green AirportProvidenceRIUnknownPlane operated by Cousins Properties.[89]
13 Jun 197161-033124
Boeing EC-135E
Boeing EC-135N
UnknownMilitary observation flightPacific Ocean, 113km Sof Hawaii, near Palmyra Atoll en route from Pago Pago to Hickam Air Force Base10.51°N 161.98°W (crash position indicator)Returning from observing French nuclear test Encelade.
26 May 19721521558
Aircraft of the type lost
Lockheed P-3A-50-LO Orion
UnknownMilitary training flightPacific Ocean offCalifornia, on a routine training mission based atMoffett Federal AirfieldUnknownSource.[90]
20 Jul 1972LV-JYR5
Transporte Aereo Rioplatense Canadair CL-44.jpg
Canadair CC-106 Yukon
UnknownCargo flightEn route from Carrasco International Airport,MontevideoUruguay toSantiagoChileUnknown
16 Oct 1972N1812H
Nick Begich
Nick Begich and
Hale Boggs
Hale Boggs
4Cessna 310CUnknownPassenger flight (private)Alaska en route fromAnchorage to JuneauUnknownMembers of US House of Representatives
10 Jan 1974TAM-5224
Aerolineas Argentinas DC4 atEZE
Douglas DC-4
UnknownPassenger flight (non-scheduled)Central Bolivia en routefrom Santa Rosa de Yacuma Airport (SRB/SLSR) (14°3′58″S66°47′12″W) to El Alto International AirportLa PazUnknownOperated by Transporte Aéreo Militar.
21 Feb 1974Light HeartThomas Leigh Gatch, Jr.1Superpressure balloonUnknownAttempted transatlantic flight (1st by balloon)1610km W of theCanaries en route fromHarrisburg AirportPA toW EuropeUnknownSome doubt about last reported sighting; last radio contact, 12.50, 19 Feb 1974, 1,490 km NE of San JuanPR.
12 Oct 1974Swan 386
WC-130J Hercules of 53rd Weather Recon Sq
Lockheed WC-130 Weatherbird
UnknownWeather reconnaissanceSouth China SeaUnknownAircraft lost during Typhoon Bess (1974).
24 Sep 1976*HK-12822Curtiss C-46D-15-CU CommandoUnknownCargo flightCaribbean Sea off Arubaen route to Queen Beatrix International AirportUnknownDate possibly 16 Sep 1976.
5 Nov 1976HP-6712
Douglas DC-3, SE-CFP
Douglas DC-3
UnknownCargo flightCaribbean Sea en routefrom WillemstadCuraçaoto Port-au-PrinceHaitiUnknown
30 Jun 1977N126US4
Lockheed L-188CF Electra
Lockheed L-188CF Electra
UnknownCargo flightCaribbean Sea 65 km offBocas del ToroPanamaen route from San José,Costa Rica to Caracas,VenezuelaUnknownOne passenger was lost, along with the crew of three.
21 Sep 1978N407D4
Douglas DC-3, SE-CFP
Douglas DC-3-277C
UnknownFerry/positioning (for passenger flight)N Atlantic off Ft LauderdaleFL en routefrom Ft Lauderdale toHavanaCubaUnknownAircraft flying to pick up passengers in Havana. Source.[91]
21 Oct 1978VH-DSJFrederick Valentich1Cessna 182LUnknownPrivate flightBass Strait, vicinity ofCape OtwayVictoria,Australia (as reported by pilot)38.87°S 143.52°ENo radar confirmation of the pilot-reported position.
8 Dec 1978HK-1707X3
Douglas DC-6A, Farnborough Airshow 2008
Douglas DC-6A/B
UnknownCargo flightOver the Sierra Nevada del CocuyColombia on a cargo flight from Bogotato Trinidad, CasanareUnknownSource.[92]
30 Jan 1979PP-VLU6Boeing 707-323CUnknownCargo flightPacific Ocean 200 km ENE of TokyoUnknown153 of Manabu Mabe's paintings lost.
7 Jul 1979N302RAIan Mackintosh3Socata Rallye 235GTUnknownPassenger flight (private)Vicinity of Woody Island (Alaska) en route fromAnchorage to KodiakUnknownAdditional information.[93]
30 Oct 1980ECT-0252
Douglas C-47A
Douglas DC-3 (C-47A-35-DK)
UnknownFerry/positioning (transfer to aviation museum)Mediterranean Sea(presumed) en route fromMadrid to Perpignan,France (intended onward flight to FrankfurtUnknownPreviously decommissioned aircraft; provisional, limited, Certificate of Airworthiness. Unauthorised take off, on unrated runway, no working radio equipment. Source.[94]
21 Apr 1981F-BJBY4Douglas C-53-DO (DC-3)UnknownPassenger flight (non-scheduled)Mediterranean Sea, 24 km off Puerto de Andraitx,Mallorca en route fromOranAlgeria toToulouseFranceUnknown
13 Feb 1983N482UUpali Wijewardene6
Swiss AF Learjet 35A
Learjet 35A
UnknownPassenger flight (executive jet)Straits of Malacca c. 20 km off Kuala Selangor,Malayasia en route fromKuala Lumpur toColombo-KatunayakeSri LankaUnknownOperated by Upali Air. Survival pack, apparently from aircraft, found (Feb 19).
2 Sep 1983C-GIPFGeorge Cogar7Britten-Norman BN-2A-21 IslanderUnknownPrivate flight (hunting trip)Near SmithersBC,CanadaUnknown
31 Oct 1984RP-C1384
C-47B Skytrain - 43-49942 Bluebonnet Belle-26Oct2008.jpg
Douglas C-47B-1-DL
UnknownCargo flightOff DavaoPhilippines en route from Davao toManilaUnknown
16 Sep 1985N13ASArt Scholl1Pitts S-2Fatal spinAerial cinematographyPacific Ocean, offCarlsbadCaliforniaUnknownAccident occurred during filming forTop Gun (1986).
25 Mar 1986K27297
AN-32 cargo plane of the Afghan Air Force
Antonov An-32
UnknownDelivery flightIndian Ocean, 450km offJamnagarIndiaUnknownOperated by Indian Air Force. Source.[94]
4 Dec 1987C-GOMC4Britten-Norman BN-2A-6 IslanderUnknownPassenger flightNear Mount Waddington,BCCanadaUnknown[95]
17 Jan 1989CP-14185
Douglas C-47 Skytrain
Douglas C-47A-75-DL
UnknownPassenger flight (non-scheduled)Near La PazBolivia en route to Apolo, La PazUnknownSource.[96]
10 Jan 1995PK-NUK14
DHC-300 Twin Otter 300 - Air Seychelles
de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter
Weather (probable)Passenger flightMolo StraitIndonesia en route from Bima Airport toSatartacik AirportRutengUnknownSource[97]
22 Dec 1997ER-ACF5
Antonov An-72 ES-NOG.jpg
Antonov An-72
UnknownCargo flightS Atlantic en route fromPort Bouet AirportCôte d'Ivoire to Rundu Airport,NamibiaUnknownSource.[98]
25 May 2003N844AABen Charles Padilla1
Delta Air Lines Boeing 727-200 N523DA
Boeing 727-223
UnknownTheftLuandaAngola8.858333°S 13.231111°EStolen at Quatro de Fevereiro Airport; unclear how many aboard.
1 Nov 2008N87V3Beechcraft King Air 65-A90UnknownAerial SurveyGeorgetownGuyanaUnknownLost: 3 crew. Aircraft vanished over a remote part of the Guyana jungle.
08 Mar 20149M-MRO239Boeing 777-200ER Malaysia AL (MAS) 9M-MRO - MSN 28420 404 (9272090094).jpgBoeing 777-200ERUnknownPassenger FlightGulf of Thailand6°55′15″N103°34′43″EMissing

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