Sunday, 7 September 2014

EatOf Fiesta: Welcome, foods!

Sunday morning, waking up late and tired about my yesterday's walking. Yesterday, full of stories. Regatta here, handicraft there, food everywhere. Speak about food, the EatOf Ceremony, joined by other countries was held at the same place, Kuching Waterfront. Creative ideas, they build a stage over the fountain pipe and covered it with woods (I do not know about wood-type but I think it's plywood). This food fiesta started from 10 am-10 pm, 7 September is the last day. You know, when foods are calling, people sure coming. As I walk zig-zag, avoiding people who came upon me like a bullet, the food stalls are already filled with customers. The smoke of deliciousness, the sizzling sound, the eye-opener colour and the tasty heat that smack my nose. Since I have to spent more for something else, okay foods, I'll watch you diligently. 

9 in the morning, the local food stalls were busy, the foreign food stalls were getting ready. I managed to get some photos while they're preparing their delicacies. 

Foods, foods, foods~

Chairs and tables are ready for customers- people can come and eat here or probably can take away. Some food stalls were ready with their foods. I saw few signature dish, traditional dish, fusion dish and other dishes that look familiar on TV. Since I came here pretty early, not all foods on the table and I don't want to disturb them. They were busy like bees.

So to speak, the local food stalls were crowded! Foods make people in unity.

Okay, this was the first food stall I saw yesterday. Representing Sarawak (and Malaysia as well), those unique foods were the attraction of Borneo's cuisine.
As usual, Manuk Pansoh (chicken in bamboo) is widely known. I eat that so many times in my life and the taste of 'daun bungkang' ignites my appetite. The second dish, Manuk Empikau (chicken with durian), I never try it before but I loved chicken I liked durian. I should try it some other time. The third dish, Tubu dan Bungai Kechala (bamboo shoot and ginger flower) did attract my attention I'm a fan of bamboo shoot and I used to eat raw ginger with 'belacan.' I believe, it tastes deeply Sarawakian. The last dish is Bunga Entekai dan Daun (pumpkin with leaves). My mom used to prepare this dish before, it tastes awesome with 'ikan masin' and hot rice. Emm, I'm drooling right now.

Next to Sarawak food stall, the Japan food stall from Tottori is waiting for customers. The famous dish, Sushi is not at here because there's sushi restaurant at Plaza Merdeka. Basically, Japanese food is blending so well for Malaysian society and I craved Sushi like hell. But there's other food that I loved too such as Okonomiyaki, the Japanese-style pizza or Takoyaki (Japanese snack round ball with octopus pieces). At here, they decided to promote other Japanese foods such as Yakitori (japanese style satay chicken), Kushi Katsu (crumbed chicken on skewer), Mitarashi Dango (rice cake ball on skewer) and Karaage (japanese style fried chicken). Just saying, they tried to sell their foods that fit with local tongues- skewer food, fried chicken and satay. But I'm a local tongue with international appetite. Osaka-Okonomiyaki (no pork), please come here next time.

Now, we moved further. Jilin, China decided to promote four dishes during EatOf and there's a food that attracts my attention. Look at the poster carefully (zoom it if you want), the first dish is Gou Bao Rou (sweet and sour chicken/fish). I loved sweet and sour fish, to think about that makes me hungry. The second dish is Manchu Yan Rou Chuan (Manchu lamb skewer). Basically, the roasted lamb tastes tenderly mouthwatering but I never try the Manchu recipe. I bet it's really good. The third dish is Char Yek Dan (Tealeaf eggs). It looks tasty and scary at the same time but the black egg with the smell of ammonia looks tasty and scary too. But I loved that black egg so, nothing's wrong with scary foods. The last dish, Di San Xian (assorted vegetables Jilin Style) is something that attracts vege-people. People should try it, Go Vegetables!

Next to Japan food stall, there's Vietnam delicacies. Oyster shells would attract anybody to come near, including me. According to TLC channel, Vietnamese loved vegetables and spicy condiments. Yesterday, I saw those two on the table and they were busy preparing foods at the back. The first food that being promoted is Doi Cuon or Goi Cuon (suddenly I forgot the spelling but I'm sure it's a Vietnamese style salad roll). The next dish is Tom Nin, the Vietnamese spicy tomyam. The third dish is Bun Tom, the dish that makes me mouthwatering because it's a Vietnamese BBQ shrimp vermicelli. I'm talking about shrimp, everyone. Isn't that tasty? The last dish is, quite a twisted name for a dish. Mua Cham Nuoc Mam is actually a dipping sauce, mixed with fish sauce and served together with variety of veges such as cucumber or salad. This dish is kinda familiar with local tongues. I loved eating 'pucuk gajus' or 'bendi rebus' or 'kacang botol' with 'sambal belacan' mixed with 'bubuk udang'. It sounds similar, right?

Close to China food stall, there's Indonesia food stall. With Yogyakarta local cuisine, the element of Javanese is there. Taking chances while the worker is bustling at the back, I recognized some good foods. If you have a good experience with Sinetron, you would able to identify Gudeg, the Yogya signature dish made from young unripe jackfruit. This is the most popular food from Yogya and traditional Javanese cuisine. The next is Nasi Kuning (Yogya Yellow Rice). I saw on TV that this food is symbolized of their mountain and basically the dish is a common food in Malaysia during wedding ceremony or other traditional ceremony. The third dish is Ayam Kremes, the crunchy finger licking gorgeous of Indonesian style fried chicken. No more KFC for them, I believed. The last dish is Perkedel, or Bergedil/Bergedel in Malaysia. Same food with different name, this potato dish is widely famous and it tastes flavoursome with minced meat or corned beef, bit of onion, bit of coriander and most important is, mushy potato. Oh, it reminds me with RM2 Bergedel during my campus life. So big, so yummy.

Now, it's time for Running Man famous food. For those who watch Running Man viciously, you know that Gangwon brought foods that able to attract RM fans at Sarawak. At South Korea food stall, Gimbap, the riceweed roll is common food in the Kpop country because it consist of rice, seaweed, cucumber, carrot and crab meat. I did taste it once, it is delicious. The next food is Tteokbukki, the spicy rice cake. I saw Jonghyun (member of Shinee) eat this during Hello Baby! Shinee show. I was drooling at the moment. The third dish is Kimchi, the preserved spicy cabbage, similar like 'jeruk kobis' in Malaysia. Kimchi is a traditional cuisine, a 'must' food to ignites the appetite and also a signature dish of South Korea. I saw Kimchi many-many times in all Korean TV shows. The last dish is Dakkgalbi, the stir frying marinated dice chicken with gochujang (chili pepper paste). Looking at the poster already make me hungry but poor me, this food stall was not open yet. The table was empty. All I can see is No Pork! Korean food. I wonder, where is Bulgogi?

Walking too much around the food area seems too dangerous for me to handle. I was shaken from top to the bottom. EatOf Food Fair, at the end I stepped out from the booth and looking for the fresh air to breathe. No more sizzling sound, no more smokey smell, no more tasty toothsome. Before that, I stood in front of the Jilin food stall. After roaming here and there, I began to realized the beautiful ceramic plates, teapot, vases and small water jar from China. This thing looks delicious as well, maybe the power of red triggers the eating desire.

Well, this is how the story goes. Foods, culture and art- it come together as a match set. It would be difficult to wait another year or another time, so, wake up your Sunday at EatOf Food Fair. Food is calling~


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