Sunday, 21 September 2014

Mount Gading: Rafflesia and Adventure

After 7 years, here I am!
Date: Sunday, 14 September 2014
Location: Mount Gading, Lundu, Sarawak.
Purpose: Looking for Rafflesia and weekend blast, of course!

After 7 years (I repeat...7 years), it's been so long for me to see this place again. Gunung Gading, the magnificent and memorable mountain that always in my mind. I was 19 during my first visit. It took me a very long time to have my second visit. But still, the result ignites my school old days.

I was been told by my sister about the blooming Rafflesia and it would be withered after seven days. Last weekend, 14 September was the third or forth day if I'm not mistaken. So, we off to Gunung Gading and arrived there around 9 or 10. I don't remember.And the distance of Rafflesia location is 400 meter, but really, I was out of breath. Last weekend was full of sweat, swell and starvation.

This weekend, I do nothing. Last weekend, awesome was everywhere.

Get some info before hiking
Interesting fact that I never noticed before.
Off to meet rafflesia, with Mr. J, the photographer
and 'hey brother'.
The Rafflesia fact at the entrance of the trail.
The highest site I ever reach was Waterfall 3.
Later, we visit the camp site. I used to sleep
here 7 years ago.
My first swimming lesson was here, 7 years ago.
But still, I'm a bad swimmer.
Somewhere around Rafflesia site
(sister, me, hey brother and 2 other companions)
On the trail, Rafflesia hunting.
Monopod time!
Finally, we've found Rafflesia. This one
is old and rotten.
The other one is still in good condition.
The smell is nasty but it's beautiful.
Before hiking, self picture first.
Enjoying the slow shutter waterfall
The RM10 admission ticket. RM3 for children
and students. I wish I'm a student.
This picture was taken 7 years ago.
Am I look different now?
Credits: J-Photography.

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