Thursday, 25 September 2014

Received Liebster Award? Whoa~

Today, I'm talking about Liebster. What's that? I received a nomination from my friend (Soleh, thanks~) and my first thought about Liebster is- a dictionary. Maybe I loved using Merriam-Webster apps too much. Then, I search a bit (Google, of course) and found some info. Liebster is somehow a chain letter, promoting bloggers and revealed personal info or habits. By the way, it's nice to know about this. I'm ready to

Oh...the Liebster Q&A, I have to answer that. Pardons my English, mistake is everywhere :)

Q&A from ILoveLoaf

1.Who is the person you look up to when you growing? Why.
My dad. When I was a child, I like asking questions to him. He can answer everything. I thought...whoa. My dad is genius.

2. What is your favourite book(s)? Reason.
First, Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck from Hamka (Indonesia). The language inside this book is poetic. Second, 1000 Years of Annoying the French by Stephen Clarke. This book is very informative, bold, and historically obscene. Third, Mangoes and Bullets by John Agard. I like the ideas of spreading ideas in satiric ways.

3. When the first time you learn to read? Tell me one funny experience.
I was 6, the first word that I can spell is 'B-u-k-u' which means 'B-o-o-k'. Because of that word, my dad decided to put me in school. The result? For a month, I know nothing but 'b-o-o-k' only.

4. Would you suggest a good book for me to read?
Read Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck. It's a good book to read, if you don't mind the melting-touching long words and few twisted phrases (in Indonesian).

5. Where is Niagara Falls?
America. No details because you said 'no peeking thru Google'.

6. What book gave the most impression & change the view in your life?
So far, I don't read that kind of book. Would you give me a suggestion?

7. Special character(s) that reflect you the most? Be it in anime, movie, books...anything.
Jack Skellington. Because he's skinny, always curious about something, reader and thinker...just like me.

8. When did you first fall in love? (crush, admirer..whatever)
Teenage time. But the effect of crush is temporary.

9. What is your favourite. A story behind it?
White. Because it's clean and natural...and contrary with black.

10. How did you find my blog?
Because you tell me :)

11. What kind of work you do for a living?
Writing. I published short stories...I guess I'm an author now(?)

Okay, Q&A completed. Proceed to next part...

According to Official Rules of Liebster, it's time to say random facts about me. Actually, everything about me is random. I have to picked the most random about myself.

1. Book and artwork is my top favourite.
2. I spend more at bookstore than other places when I go to shopping complex.
3. I don't drink coffee and tea. I just drink plain water, most of the time.
4. Shield is my actual name. My dad like the actress, Brooke Shields so he named me after her.
5. I teach myself to write with my left hand (and I'm right-handed person).
6. I called my laptop 'Ulquiorra'
7. I always believe that Eve stands for 'Lovely'.
8. My chat name in the past was Jack54. They thought I'm an old man.
9. There was a girl who liked me, she didn't know that I'm a girl.
10. The Growler's song is remarkable and inspiring.
11. I think I'm masculine girl. Don't you think?

I'll nominated these person below:

Mr. J, Soleh S., Lorraine, Mr. Suci/the Forgotten Prince, Alia Kamal and some other people (if they don't mind). Send me a message link, email, IG, FB...whatever you like after you answer my questions. TQ.

My questions are:

1. Tell me your favourite subject at school and why.
2. Do you love Asian or Western food?
3. Which place you wish to go?
4. What kind of gadget you really want right now?
5. What do you think about history book?
6. Which one you prefer? Gold or silver?
7. What do you want to change if you can go back to your past?
8. The best favourite part on your face is? (e.g: eyes, nose, cheeks...give me a reason)
9. The weirdest hobby of yours? Why?
10. Your favorite song all the time is? Why?
11. Give me the oddest way of you to be happy.

Emm...I'm excited to know the answer.


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  1. Answers Thanks Shield. I hope there'll be more brilliant writing from you.