Thursday, 11 September 2014

My Gehenna Fragility

I'm sending this message to every corner of the world:

Memory is a gift,
The agony of remembering,
Passing through each life,
Seems like the infliction,
The persistence of misery,
The wise man say,
You are fine to me,
Yet the majority scream,
Get the hell out of here!
What kind of land I am living?
What kind of people I have seen?
The speak and word goes far,
When everything must be fair,
The economy the society,
Even the skin of race,
Every good life based on colour,
The creation of God,
Is the measure of respect,
The measure of friendship,
The measure of acceptation,
How much do I have to peel?
When peeling wasn't the answer,

So please tell me what to do?
What should I do, 
to shut your mouth
and stop blaming my fragility!

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