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Somewhere at Kuching #IniMalaysiaKita

16 September 1963, the day of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore become a nation, known as Malaysia. As a matter of fact, every Malaysian or also some of foreigners know about it. This is history of joining and uniting.

Just a short part of history-telling, it was not an easy road for Malaysia to become a nation, a country. Indonesia wants Sarawak, Philippines wants Sabah. Meanwhile, Singapore had their own issue too. There were incidents of racial riots, confrontation against the idea of Malaysia establishment and numerous curfews. Because of racial riots between Chinese and Malay, in 1965, Singapore was expelled from the federation and Singapore gained their independence in the same year. Although Sarawak already gained its independence in 22 July 1963, Sarawak decided to join Malaysia in September.

As you can see, how racial tensions can be really dramatic, out of control. So, let's us lived in harmony, accept the difference, cherish the varieties and enjoy the wonderful taste of foods (of course!)

Come on, people...#IniMalaysiaKita. So, let's roam a bit around town.

Kuching, my town. Kuching Waterfront is wide known among locals, domestic or foreigner tourists. The history is longer than you know because this place was the center of busy and always busy until today. Thanks to Brooke officer, Mr. H.D Ellis for his ideas- to design the river wall so Jalan Gambier won't collapsed into Sungai Sarawak. 

That was the first step to create what is Kuching Waterfront nowadays.

Fishing was a common and important job at Kuching. Kuching Waterfront was the main center of selling and buying or trading business back to many-many years ago. Jalan Gambier was one of the main place of loading and check point for every cargo. 

It was a busy maritime along the riverbank and before the idea of river wall, there were a lot of complaint about flood among locals and also mudflat. This Sungai Sarawak is always the place of commercialized Sarawak culture and agriculture.

Being at Kuching, street shop is common like any other places. You can buy almost everything, just named it. During Regatta, street shop is everywhere. I saw electronic gadgets, clothes, shoes, hats, all kinds of bags, makeup, phone accessories, street foods (that's what I liked), toys, handicrafts, textiles and the best thing that I saw for sale was the traditional instrument- tetawak, or also known as gong. 

Selling tetawak as one of street product? Sellers are getting creative. 

The good thing about lived harmony, happy and independence...you are allowed to sleep at the street in peace. The only sound that we could hear might be the loudness between sellers and customers. 

Just imagine if we're living in curfew situation. The campaign could be- Keep Awake, and don't sleep forever. It's kinda logic, independence and sweet dream is related.

Viewing the wide and old Sungai Sarawak, frying themselves under the hot sun. It's a good thing to do, the fastest way to get tanned. 

Back to old days, this crocodile stair (I called it like that because there's a crocodile statue over there) was not existed. It was a muddy loading bay for ships and not suitable for relaxing. Well, the good old days had passed. It's a good thing, my place is getting old but also growing young. 

India Street, also known as Kling Street during its heyday was the heart of pedestrian mall at Kuching. 
It was busy and still busy until now. Nothing is changed. The only thing that changed is the presence of the new mall, Plaza Merdeka that very closed to Padang Merdeka and Merdeka Palace.

As you can see, how 'merdeka' creates everything into a very good way.
And, this is the entrance of Lorong Sempit at India Street, straight into the historical path of the old mosque- Indian Mosque Lane or Masjid Bandar Kuching. Established in 1850s, it was a good place to get the historical feeling. And might get poetic inspiration while looking at the narrow passageway.

This place is crowded by Indians, that's how this place got its name. Yet, other neighbours (Chinese, Malay, Iban etc) got no problem with it. This is so common for us.

Last Saturday, I walked around and found this uncle with his ice-cream motorcycle. Pak cik Eskrem, that's how I called him, sit calmly and wait for his customers. Brilliant idea; the weather was so hot last weekend and he don't even bother to scream or ring a bell to get customers. The customers come straight to him.

It reminds me with my childhood. Eating ice cream is joyful, especially when you're in complete freedom.

Somewhere around spice shop, the other entrance of Lorong Sempit or the narrow passageway of Indian Mosque Lane.

This place is a center of spice. Just named it, you'll get anything you want. Local people called this as the heaven of spices. The spice lovers might be confused once they saw everything over here.

The ancient people say- spices are magic. Kuching got so many magic, I guess.

Street food looks so delicious, especially roasted chicken liver and butt. That's my favourite and it's a common street food for Kuchingites. Most of those street foods were owned by Malay hawkers. The Chinese hawkers mostly gathered under Open Air in front of Electra House.

Basically, all street foods are cheap. RM1 per stick. For drinks, RM1 per cup. If you have RM3, you can get some food to cover up your hungriness. That's the beauty.

Finally, after waiting for so many months, I captured those orang utan at Jalan Power with my Sony. No one disturbed me this time and they look happy inside three-wheel car (which is half).

Actually, the orang utan murals made by the international artist, Mr. Ernest Zacharevic from Lithuania. Thanks to him, Jalan Power looks wonderful. I hope more mural paintings at here in the future. There's a lot of empty space to draw over the wall.

Walking around Medan Niaga Satok last week and look what I've found! Ulat mulong, 1 ulat costs you 5o cent. If you killed  it, that ulat is consider sold. Huu, I won't do that. Never.

Ulat mulong is a famous food, mostly favourite by Melanau. My Iban and Bidayuh friends also loved it, they say- it tastes so creamy, so rich in fat and yummy. I don't eat this. I don't have any desire to touch it. Just look at it is good enough for me.

What a wonderful place for ulat mulong lovers. 

The last picture, the mint ice cream that I always favour. Bought this only RM2 and the whole cone is filled with ice cream. Loved it! 

There's another country, not crave about ice cream but they're craving to lived in peace, walk comfortably, sleep without worries and of course, to eat happily. We got everything in here. 51 years in good path, I hoped everything is good in 51 years ahead or 510 years in the future (or forever and ever in harmony).

Happy Malaysia Day!

Let's together in unity [themagi2014]

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