Sunday, 21 September 2014

From Pandan Beach with Love

Last weekend, after muscle up at Mount Gading, we (sister, me, hey brother and two other companions) off to Pandan Beach at the afternoon! Pandan Beach is one of the famous beach at Lundu, the other beach is Siar Beach. For those who loved nature, Pandan Beach might be the place you need to visit. During our trip, that day was so hot. I thought my face is going to melt down. Although the sun was too bright and each perimeter of my skin getting darker, Pandan Beach is really beautiful. So to speak, the sand is clean and I loved the big black rocks scattered over the beach.

This beach is classic!

I managed to catch some pics, and not a coincidence, my face is not included. That day was so hot, I look miserable.
Arrived at Pandan Beach, mid afternoon.
We're all thirsty.
The peaceful view at Pandan Beach. The sea
wave sounds refreshing.
Watching kids playing under coconut tree.
It's time to refill. Thirst, be gone!
Walking time, under the sun.
Everything was hot, hot, hot!
Before back to Kuching, I sat on this rock
and enjoy the scene. All my worries were
taken by the sea.
At the end, I picked some sea shells at Pandan Beach and keep it as memorable pieces. However, I forgot to clean it..until now. Hehe~


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