Sunday, 5 April 2015

Artwork Celebs!

Happy Sunday, Happy 5th April! Since today is my very good day (and I decided to write entry in English), it would be nice if I made a simple sketch of celebrities who born in April- to be specific, 5th April. So because I was forgot to sketch the other two, I just made it this morning. And as I thought, it look messy.

Well, I don't care. I still proceed this entry, anyways.
p/s: presents and gifts, get up and lived!

Bette Davis, the legendary and inspiring actress.
Today is her 107th birthday anniversary. She's so
well known because of her neurotic eyes. My artwork
surely not representing her neurotic eyes very well.
Haruma Miura, the kakkoi actor from Japan.
I'm his fan for sure. Probably, I'm an 'air-cond'.
Pharrell Williams! I'm listening to your song
right now. Oh yeah, because I'm happy~
Shin Min Ah a.k.a Shin Mina, the beautiful
actress from S.Korea. She's so famous because
of Arang and Guminho.

There's a lot of 5 April celebs, I can't sketch all of them. But I can do one thing...

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