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Watching Avatar Korra: Book 3 (Change)

Image result for korra book 3Avatar Aang, my favourite. Avatar Korra? Not sure yet. Let's go back to the earliest book.

The storyline in Book 1 annoys me with Korra's clingy and spoiled attitude. Well, she lived in isolated and protective area, everyone is so concern about her. The only thing that attracts me to watch Book 1 is the mission of Equalizer led by Amon the blood bender. Amon's mask is amazing and surprisingly, blood bending can take away the bending ability. Isn't that crazy awesome?

About the storyline in Book 2, the idea of repeating nature phenomenon, which is harmonic convergence is brilliant. It takes a further step in the world's changing and teaches Korra to become a better avatar. I just don't really fond with Korra's one-way solution without considering other's opinion and in this book, I can see that she's easy to get influence by others (by her uncle, Unalaq) and believed the white lies about her dad without investigating it carefully. Korra is lack of wisdom, perhaps. And the most headache part is, she turned into a blue giant and strike blue light power from her chest (like Ultraman or something like that). If only she just used her blue light power punch and strike like a UFC female fighter, I believe I can take it as the best part.

Okey...the end for the Book 1 and Book 2 review. Now, Book 3

The Short Synopsis
Image result for korra book 3Image result for korra book 3
The storyline in Book 3 is about the change they must accept after harmonic convergence. The spirit vines has growing so vast at Republic City and citizen refused to lived together with those vines. Korra tried to settle it down by purify it but she failed. So the president bashed her away from the city. The only great thing that happened about harmonic convergence is the rebirth of lost civilization which is, air nomad. Few non-benders are gifted with air bending ability and they were scattered around the world. After being bashed from the city, Korra set a new purpose in her life; to gathered all new air benders to become once again, a big nation. And Korra and her friends set out a journey to find the new air nomad. But Korra didn't know that there's a group of terrorist try to kidnap her.

Well, it triggers my curiousity~

The Timeline of Book 3
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Now, the arrangement of Book 3's story. The starting point in this book a bit slow and a lot of talk, in order to explain why Korra's had to lived in protective area. That's because there's a terrorist group known as Red Lotus and led by the leader named Zaheer (that name is kinda ironic) and followed by the Combustion Girl (the opposite of Sparky Sparky Boom Man in Avatar Aang series), the Lava bender (cool!) and the no-hand water bender (she got style) tried to kidnap Korra but no one knows their purposes. The early episodes are lack of action and when it comes to the middle, action on-screen. Love it.

The Interesting Supporting Characters
Image result for suyin zuko korraImage result for suyin zuko korra
The new characters in Book 3 shows a good progress in order to expand the storyline such as Suyin Beifong, the second child of Toph Beifong and the younger sister of Lin Beifong. Suyin, the leader of the Zaofu city and the Metal Clan is one of a kind lady. Rebellious, thief and mischief in her past life, I can't blame Suyin because she got that from Toph. Meanwhile, Lin is the opposite of Suyin, growing up as a strict, discipline and serious woman (and she got that too from Toph, Toph was a strict sifu before). The additional character that comes from the early series is my man, Lord Zuko in his old age. Thanks Nickeledeon by showing Zuko back to us. Kuvira, Suyin's protege has shown a bit little in this book but you'll be surprise with her mind full of tricks. Oh, don't forget Eska and Desna, they helped Korra to prevent the no-hand water bender after being bored sitting on their northern water tribe's throne. What a cousin~

The Idea of Zaheer's Mission
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And back to the Zaheer's plot to kidnap Korra again when they managed to escape from the high-security prison. Because of harmonic convergence, Zaheer, who was a non-bender became an air-bender. As I can see and evaluate, Zaheer is so deep in his new power and too absorb in air-nomad teaching. Later, it shows that Zaheer wants to kidnap Korra and killed her when she's in Avatar state so Avatar is no longer be reborn in the future. Zaheer's mission is based on air nomad ideology which is- to lived peace there must be a destruction, people can lived by their own and leader is no longer need. And that's how the tyranny big-blabber mouth Earth Queen ended her life (Zaheer choked her but I'm okay with that). Ow, ow, the best part about Zaheer's committed beliefs has unlocked the ancient practice in air nomad- elevating without using the staff. He can fly!

The Changes in Relationships
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The storyline in Book 3 has shown a lot of good changes in Bolin 's love-interest towards Opal (Suyin's daughter) and Bolin's humour began to get better than before (especially when he acted as his grandma and the last sentence is- and she died is funny). Suyin, the additional character becomes the major part in Korra's life as her metal bender sifu (which declares Korra as the first metal bender avatar) and somehow I hope that Korra will learn the other bending technique, which is lava bending. Jinora shows a lot of improvement and she deserved to get her blue-grandmaster tattoo and Kai, her good friend reminds me with Aang. While Asami, (the girl that annoys Korra before) becomes Korra's new best friend as Korra never had a girl as a friend before. Actually, I do appreciate Asami's effort to help Korra while she in danger and saved Korra's life many times- and she's a pretty engineer and business pioneer too. What to lose, right? The writer's decision to set aside the love-triangle is a good choice.

The Battle: Standing shoulder to shoulder with Avatar Aang

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And the last part in my blabbing review, the last harrowing battle is the reminisce of Aang's final battle with Fire Lord. Great fight, indeed. As the avatar in new age, lived in a protective area, always get what she wants and was proud with her abilities before, Korra's attitude has a lot of improvement as she realized about a lot of things. She realized as the Avatar, she's surrounded by fragility, danger and hatred. When Zaheer poisoned her with metal liquid, it crushed her internal part inside and went paralyzed. She also engaged with severe trauma such as: Amon wants to equalize (take Korra's bending by force), Unalaq wants to lead (put Korra under influence and betrays her later) and Zaheer wants freedom (kidnap Korra and try to kill her when she's in Avatar state). The constant fragility, danger and hatred puts Korra in distress but as the theme of this book is Change and Taoist motto said that, "the is constant change...", the hardwork in this Book 3 shows the real changes, which is the Avatar itself.


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