Monday, 8 June 2015

Artwork Artemisia

Happy Monday for all MaGi visitors. I won't babble a lot this June, I want to take a break in the middle of June until the early of July. So I have to fulfill the whole 10 entries (as I promised to myself). Well, since April I did some sketch and it doesn't related with Artemisia (FYI, Artemisia is genus of aromatic composite herbs and shrubs). But probably these sketches are kind of witchy (?)

Please don't mind that. Have a nice day and enjoy my artwork :)

Based on 3-members of Triqstar, a Japanese
dancer in Asia's Got Talent. Their dance group
has been recognized with hypnotizing dance
style, weirdly and absolutely inspiring.

I made a mistake in this sketch, so I covered it with
doodles here and there. Flower Head seems okay :)

Get haunted by her pray. That's all I can say.

Inspired by Insidious 3. Light Companion is not
the one you would like to meet in the middle of

Liquid Guide, this idea just pop-up when I saw
a melting style in artwork. 
The Abundance of Burden.
The theory of distress in the circle of
responsibilities, passion, desire, guilt, selfish,
agony, tiredness and happiness.

p/s: Odd artwork combination is in progress.

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