Saturday, 6 June 2015

Buntal Esplanade

Day: Tuesday
Date: 02 June 2015
Location: Buntal Esplanade
Time: Around 4: 30 p.m

Okay, I'm kind of late to update this because I was sick, not literally. You know, a wise man said that when life poisoned you, nature is medicine. Don't be lazy to walk outside because that kind of medicine is FOC. Who wouldn't like free stuff? Well, car fuel is up to 10 cent but I won't be thrifty because I'm not the one who's driving :)

Since D'Cove beach is under some fixing and mixing, Buntal Esplanade is a new sensation in Kuching. It is a beautiful place, situated at the edge of the mangrove land and open to the wide space of sea. Open air concept, that's nice. My point of view on the first step would be, I need a rubbish bin. But overall, I liked it. The fresh seafood stall and restaurant is scattered around. Who hates that?

Well, talk and write wouldn't be good enough. I attached some photos. Enjoy~

This area is my favourite, it's cool and chill

Mangrove land, I saw ikan tembakul
crawling on the ground
Begin the straight walk
Together with my sis and her children
To the second base of esplanade

Food stall to ease people's appetite
Going to third base
The road is far ahead
Arrived at kid's territory

And then, we lepak-lepak at the fourth base.
What a nice day :)

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