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Thoughts about HIMYM's ending

Finally, HIMYM met the season end. I watched it with tears *huhuhu. Contrary to the earliest episodes and seasons, I laughed a lot. Well, that's life- we lived, we laughed and we...did what we ought to.

First; about The Mother.

A gut-wrenching moment: Josh Radnor read to his character's wife, portrayed by Cristin Milioti, who lovingly gazed at her husband in a scene from the finale
credits: CBS, Daily Mail UK
There were a lot of arguments about how it should end. The ending of HIMYM was quite surprised me, as I felt very sad for what happened to Tracy McConnell (and how I loved Cristin Milioti sang La Vie En Rose after broken relationship with second boyfriend). I really like The Mother, and they killed her lifespan on screen. As the title mentioned 'How I Met Your Mother' and Ted's daughter said that her father's story is more to Robin than The Mother- what's the purpose of the story? It will be good if the 18 minutes they'd cut from the scene is included, according to Alyson Hannigan in Daily Mail UK.  But still, it would be good if the end is about The Mother. The're a little time to really meet her. So unfair, though. 

Second; Robin and Barney

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When Barney decided to get married with Robin and make the last play of all- The Robin, I thought..yeah, finally there's a girl able to straight his back. Barney is full of legendary stuff and as Robin said, legendary is not a real thing. Before wedding, Robin finally knew that Barney, the man she chose to be part of her life is the resemblance Robin Senior- her dad. So uncanny. You know what happened to her parents? They divorced. As same to Robin and Barney- their beautiful marriage lasts for 3 years. I was hoping that the marriage should be long, at least 5-8 years. But, the best thing about their divorce is Barney having a baby from someone he banged (finally, the magic happens~). It changed his whole mind and I can say I cried when Barney kissed the baby's forehead. And yes (I clapped my hand), there IS a girl able to straight his back and the answer is his baby GIRL! Now he finally understand the meaning of being a father, being responsible. About Robin after divorce, I liked the idea when she began to regret of losing Ted and how much the stone heart she was about love matters in the past- she finally knew the pain when she separated with Barney. It took some time for Robin to understand the meaning of love- to separate, to lose. But my question is- who is the mother of Barney's child? Y U no tell me a bit about it?

Third; Ted

I was happy to know Ted's wife and the mother of his children. I have to watched so many episodes, so many seasons to know and to meet The Mother. She's The Mother, Ted is telling a very very long story about The Mother. And I was happy when Ted is finally able to forget Robin and met someone that loves him more, until she died. She died? No explanation what caused her death? Unbelievable. Basically, it is good for Ted to be with Tracy so he knows there's a wonderful love that able to bear him children he always dream- and Robin can't granted that wish because you-know-what. I was hoping that there's a lot of stories about Tracy. I thought that Ted's life with Tracy is happy-ending thing, at least show her more because she's The Mother. At the end, she died and then Robin filled up the spot. I know we have to carry on in life, no matter what happens. But it kinda odd to think that Ted's mind is still about Robin and Robin 'till the end. I hate to think that the fate of Tracy was so ill, her roles were smaller. And really, the blue French horn is haunted instrument.

Fourth; Marshall and Lily

credits: travellingsquids
I liked the end of their life. They met at college, when Marshall was still a nerd and Lily was gothic- totally opposite. But they able to sustain relationship, get married, having three children and together 'till the end. When Lily is pregnant for the third time, having farewell party for their apartment and dressed so weird I don't know what to say, I was touched when Lily watched Robin go (she's broken-heart after seeing her ex-husband hits the other women while Ted having fun with drinks with his wife). Then, Lily stood alone, watching the whole part of her apartment, reminisce the past and cry. I understand that, reminisce the past is painful. Thank God she have Marshall. Maybe, I want to reward the title 'How I Met Your Mother' to Marshall Eriksen- for his loyalty, his unconditional love, his charm and his love story with his wife, the mother of his children; Lily Aldrin.

That would work.

p/s: I don't say I hate the ending, I just curious about here and there. Anyway, I still liked the idea about Ted and Tracy. They're both TM (Ted Mosby= Tracy McConnell)


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