Sunday, 15 March 2015

10 Favourite Kpop Song

Kpop song, always catch my interest. Especially in music arrangement and different beats. I don't really fond to a typical girl group (that doing the same type of dance routine), so to speak. But there are few groups that attracts me (and put me in spell). Coincidentally, those different groups represent the same kind of music. I don't know how to describe the sense of similarity. Let you decide that for me :)

Okay, proceed to my 10 favourite Kpop song:

1. Mad Clown ft. Jinsil- Fire
Image result for mad clown jinsil fire

Note: Jinsil's voice is very lovable and ease my brain. I don't know why, but Jinsil should received more attention.

2. LeeSsang- Clown
Image result for leessang clown mv

Note: I loved the way the song interprets the hidden feelings....

3. Primary- Primary and The Messenger

Image result for primary and the messenger simond
Note: The MV is weird. But of course I liked it (because Simon D is there)

4. Brown Eyed Girl- My Style

Image result for Brown eyed girl my styleImage result for Brown eyed girl my style

Note: I told you I don't really fond to a typical Kpop girl group. But this group is an exception. Because they're not a girl, but a woman. And their song is good too.

5.  Yong Junhyung- Flower
Image result for yong junhyung flower
Note: The first thing that came across my mind when I heard this song is, autumn season. I don't know why. And of course, the flower head. Also weird.

6.  Teen Top- Missing
Image result for Teen top missing mv
Note:  It begins with... "You gotta be stronger 'cause you're my star~" The song that motivates every girl out there, probably.

7.  Lee Hi- Rose
Image result for lee hi roses
Note: Again, the head full of flowers (to be specific, roses)

8. LeeSsang ft. ALI- Ballerino
Image result for leessang feat Ali ballerino
Note: The interpretation of obsession and bipolar sickness is well-presented in this MV.

9. Primary ft. Jinsil (Mad Soul Child) & Gary (LeeSsang)- Happy Ending
Image result for primary jinsil happy ending
I just discover this song today. Thank you Youtube, you suggest me a very good song! This song is so good, I just discard LEDApple song from my favvy chart. Immediate update, I suppose~

10. JYP- Your House
Image result for JYP your house
Note: I started to get enjoy with this song when it becomes the trademark of Ji Sukjin in Running Man...hahaha~

Additional update:

11. Jonghyun ft. Iron- Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)
Image result for jonghyun crazy
Note: I can taste the craziness and guilty pleasure at the same time. Kudos to him.

image credits: google, my reliable search engine

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