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Favourite Japanese Song

ジャパン ソング (nihon songu) or Japanese song is my favourite nowadays. Basically, I liked Japan wayyy~ before that. But, I was pretty idiot when I'd the opportunity to take 3rd language class- I choose Mandarin and make myself crazy. So, uh...I'm not very sure about my Japanese writing. If there's a mistake, I do apologize. I'm still in learning process. 

Okay, back to the point, I'm always looking for a good-catchy-nice beat Japanese song. Not only modern Japanese song, I also enjoy listening the traditional one, such as shakuhachi meditation song, shinobue and koto, or the Gagaku style. My craziness over Japan is highly influenced by anime (of course), yokai (Japanese ghost/monsters), Kyoto's historical site (I'm a history geek) and Hanakimi (my favourite Jdorama). As I did some math in here...

Traditional music + anime + yokai + Kyoto + Hanakimi= 好き (suki) exploded! <3

Well, my love is growing into modern music. With humble, I made a simple list of my favorite Japanese song. If you know any good Japanese song, kindly share it with me :)

1. Namie Amuro- Wild
Image result for Namie amuro wild song
Note: I loved Amuro's cool face and dance with high heels. And, the MV reminds me a bit about Janet Jackson's Feedback MV.

2. Yuko Oguro- Onnanoko Otokonoko/Girls and Boys
Image result for yuko ogura onna no ko
Note: The lyric of this song is very playful and enjoyable to sing a long. Besides, the singer, Oguro's voice is kawaii *Warning: Oguro is a gravure idol. So, searching her images can be pretty 'harmful'.

3. The Checkers- Julia ni Heartbreak
Image result for the checkers julia
Note: This song being recognized widely among Hanakimi lovers, especially Hanazakarino e Kimitachie SP when Nanba Senpai sang this song while peeping over a blonde girl name Julia. This song is recommended for everyone who loved 80s music.

4. Orange Range- Ikenai Taiyou
Image result for orange range ikenai taiyou
Note: OST for Hanakimi J-dorama, the main character, Nakatsu Shuichi (potrayed by Ikuta Toma) sang this song in dorama during music festival at Ohsaka Gakuen. Hanakimi lovers will remember this scene, for sure.

5. Arashi- Tokei Jikake no Umbrella
Image result for arashi
Note: Arashi, a famous Japanese idol group from Japan. The lead singer Matsumoto Jun is also an actor, widely known in Jdorama's Hana Yori Dango *one of my friend really adored him, I guess I can understand her feeling. Adoration is a disease XD

6. Namie Amuro- Want me want me
Image result for namie amuro want me want me
Note: Once you followed one of Amuro's song, it leads to another good song. There's a fact saying that the tanning skin of Amuro inside the MV becomes a trendsetter and it contributes to the Ganguro's style.

7. SNSD (Korean girl group)- Paparazzi
Image result for snsd paparazzi
Note: Paparazzi song by SNSD, also known as Girl's Generation, the nine-member group under SME, is one of the success Japanese song at Japan. The music beat is catchy and attractive.

8. Big Bang (Korean boy group)- Beautiful Hangover
Image result for big bang beautiful hangover
Note: Beautiful Hangover song by Big Bang, the group under YGE, also one the success Japanese song at Japan. Not only popular in Korea, this group itself is also popular among Japanese netizen.

9. Mayday (Taiwanese boy group)- Do you ever shine?
Image result for mayday taiwan
Note: OST for Bita Buraddo/ Bitter Blood, the 2014 Jdorama played by Sato Takeru as a main protagonist. The OST sang by Taiwanese legendary rock group, Mayday. The secret success of this song is not really a secret, the guitar portion is absolutely awesome! *plus, Take-hime is kakkoi >.<

10. Ravex ft. Namie Amuro- Rock U
Image result for ravex namie amuro
Note: As I told you before, once you discover Amuro's music, it leads to another good song. This song is recommended for those who loved fast-beat, electronic and hip hop song.

11. Sakurako Club Sakura Gumi- Doshite/ Why?
Image result for sakurako club sakuragumi
Note: Theme song for Crayon Sin Chan. As far as I can remember, Doshite is a closing theme and this song is very sweet and funny *however, I'm struggling to download it, download link is broken...T.T

12. Flow- Go!!!
Image result for flow japanese group
Note: Theme song for Naruto. Happy song, for real and at the same time, "we're fighting dreamer.."


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