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Fraud Food Top Ten

March has arrived, peeps! I decided to begin the 1st entry with self-trained English writing, although I don't really care about grammar (sorry, grammar~). To begin the 1st entry, this month is a bit of discipline for me. Extra care for my skin, my body and even my food. Some people told me, "you don't need to diet're obviously not fat" (yes, they're so true), but eating too much oil had spoiled my skin actually...not my weight.

Somehow, my little effort seems to pay off. I walked out yesterday (buying books to gobble up). And all of of a sudden, one of my parent's fellow thought that I was still in high school (I'd left my high school 10 years ago). It feels like..I'm still a kiddo...ha3!

I guess, taking care for what I've eat is really worth it. However, fraud food is kind of scary right now. As a consumer, I have to be careful. Fraud food is more than a viral. I guess, the 'fraud food researcher' plays too much and extremely got bored.

So, what's the top ten fraud food...after fraud egg scandal? Let's find out.

1. Minced meat in steamed buns

Image result for fraud cardboard meat
Be careful, there's a report about minced meat in steamed buns (especially for pork lovers). It's not a real meat that being stuffed in steamed buns. The irresponsible food vendors soak cardboard in industrial chemicals to soften it. Then, it is chopped and mixed with meat fat and flavored power.

2. Melamine milk

Image result for melamine milk
The poisonous milk was reported at China, because of false 'protein' inside the milk made from melamine. Thousands of children and infants were seriously affected, and 4 infants at China have died. This product had been considered as a food crime and seriously harmful.

3. Fake rice noodles

Image result for fake rice noodles
For those who loved rice noodles, there's a report saying that rice noodles made from rotten grain and possible carcinogenic additives are being sold at south China. The process of making fake noodle is pretty weird, using stale (urine of a domestic animal...eww) and moldy grain. Although this type of noodle is not at our market (I wish they're not here), so...just be careful.

4. Fake rice

Image result for fake rice
Crazy truth, fake rice is being distributed in Shaanxi province, China and I'm not talking about fake rice made from cauliflower. This fake rice is a mix of potatoes, sweet potatoes, and adding industrial synthetic resins. Because the rice is not behave like a normal rice, it's obviously really harmful if consumed. And eating this fake rice is like eating one plastic bag (I couldn't imagine myself, eating one plastic my dinner..ugh~)

5. Fake meats

The inexperienced consumer who traveled to China (and coincidentally, a meat-lover..), be extra careful when eating outside. There were hundreds of alleged crimes in food industry, especially fake meat that being labeled falsely (obviously intended, geez...) and those meats were highly infected with various diseases. Just to mention, fake meat is the combination of rats, minks and foxes. Water is injected inside the meat to pad up its weight (and make everyone believe it...hey! that's a chicken meat over there!)

6. Saffron

Image result for fake saffron
just an example

Too evil to be the truth. Saffron is an expensive ingredient and exotic spice. But this expensive and exotic item is now being labeled falsely. Don't ever trust and buy cheap saffron because the thing that laid on your plate or hidden inside the dishes might be marigold and calendula flower, turmeric, corn silk, died onions, died daisy petals, or colored grass. The worst ingredient could be tartrazine, gypsum, sandalwood dye, poppy petals, borax and glycerin, chalk or red-dye silk fiber (yucks...)

7. Honey

Image result for fake honey
Honey is good for health. I used honey to faded my scar, soften my lips and of course, I ate it. But, buying honey is somehow, a skill. To recognize one genuine honey, it took experience (or an old people like my dad to see one). Honey is one of a product that being mislabeled, mixed it with sugar (a lot of sugar), tainted with a potential dangerous antibiotic and contain no bee pollen at all. The other ingredient might be all kinds of syrups (corn syrup, sucrose syrup, cane syrup, glucose syrup high fructose syrup and non artificial sweeteners). Although it is allowed but there is still cause of dismay.

8. Fried 'plastic' banana

Image result for pisang digoreng dengan plastik
For our market, yes it happens. When I was in campus, there's a report of food vendors and local hawkers that abused students with delicious fried banana (pisang goreng) made from banana, flour + color additives and plastic bottles or straw. Misheard? I said it again...yes, plastic bottles or straw. Banana and plastic bottles/ straw (cut in pieces) fried together in order to unleashed 'extra' crunchiness and crispiness. And of course, eating plastic is not pretty.

9. Fish gravy

Image result for kuah laksa campur tisu tandas
just an example

This is not quite well known but I believe it happens in our market and China also. Making gravy with fish meat seem too much in cost  for food vendors or local hawkers. So unbelievable, they replaced fish meat with something we always used in the toilet. For those who guess 'toilet paper'! You're absolutely right! 

10. Instant coffee

Image result for instant coffee
just an example

I'm not a coffee-lover, I stop drinking coffee since 2002. So, for those who loved coffee (and bought a lot of instant coffee), there's a possibility to get 'enhance' too much and 'enhance' oddities in health as well. The ingredient in one sachet is probably a mixture of twigs (a small shoot or branch usually without its leaves), roasted corn, roasted soybean, potato flour, burned sugar, roasted date seeds, chicory powder (kind of herb), and maltodextrin (a filler to enhance taste and flavors). You don't want to get all-hype early and stone-cold later, right?


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