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Re-watch Gokusen 2005

Image result for gokusen 2Many years had passed. Then, finally... (as I've said before in One Pound Gospel's entry), I managed to steal a day to watch the other favourite Jdorama in my list. Of course, Gokusen is my answer!

Since I did promised (to myself) to write English entry in March (although 'grammar' hates me), I don't think that as a problem. Well, back to the story, Gokusen had released 3 Jdorama seasons, 1 special season and 1 movie.

Just wanna told ya, I really fond to the second season, probably because the storyline is more interesting. Yamaguchi Kumiko a.k.a Yankumi, the next in-line Yakuza in Oedo Family has resigned as a kindergarten teacher and returned to another new school named Kurogin High School and she was a bit devastated to know the school assigned her to another problematic 3D class. Plus, she's not allowed to wear a proper cloth to teach. As usual, she wears a tracksuit all the time and appears as a female teacher with no sex appeal. That was how the relationship between teacher-and-student has started, from hate-to-love and how Yankumi able to win her student's attention and heart as well. The ending part is also great, the 3D's student altogether bowed Yankumi and the rest who attend the graduation ceremony. That part is the huge meaning of respect and appreciation.

Actually , Yankumi is quite a lucky teacher, surrounded by all boys student and some of them is so good looking (Jin Akanishi, Kamenashi Kazuya, Koikei Teppei, Eiji Wentz, Mokomichi Hayami etc)...ikemen desu ne?

Image result for gokusen 2 studentsImage result for gokusen 2 students

Sometimes, I wish to see Yankumi collaborated with GTO's 1998 main cast, Onizuka-sensei and work together in one school. Isn't that cool?
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The best thing about Yankumi (although she's the next in-line Yakuza), she has a noble dream- as a teacher, she worked so hard to prove that she can teach and guide her students, she's not only teaching a subject (Math, to be specific) but life lesson as well and a very responsible home teacher. I'll be so glad my whole life if I met this kind of teacher. The other cute thing about Yankumi is, she never gives up and her fighting spirit is well-described ^^
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There's a lot of funny scene between Yankumi and her students, and most of them is representing their love-hate relationship (very cute, indeed). Besides, Yankumi's upbringing in Yakuza life circle makes her pretty weird (calling a police with mob's slang-okami), get angered like a mobster, strong in fighting and speak with Yakuza's manners. At the same time, her unusual behaviour helps to refined this school-life comic into a very interesting story line such as:
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1. A very supportive teacher who assist her student to find a true love ^^

Image result for gokusen 2 students
2. Yankumi's angriness is able to reach her students instantly (and make them chill~)

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3. Funny how, Yankumi is pretty obedient and listen to her quiet student, Ryu Odagiri (portrayed by Kamenashi Kazuya)

Image result for gokusen 2 yankumi odagiri
4. At the same time, Ryu Odagiri is also obedient and listen well to Yankumi. I liked the silence relationship between them...hehe~ (This silence relationship goes on so well in Gokusen movie 2009, when Odagiri became a trainee teacher)

Image result for gokusen 2 students
5. Yankumi's secret as the next in-line Yakuza almost revealed by her mischief student, Hayato Yabuki (portrayed by Jin Akanishi) and she imitate to throw an arrow to stab his heart...I really loved this scene!

Image result for gokusen 2 students
6. I liked how Yankumi teased and encouraged her student, Odagiri, when she saw her quiet and serious-face student is smiling. I can't forget when she said...'ka-wa-ii'

Image result for gokusen 2 yankumi odagiri
7. The best lesson in this Jdorama is of course, friendship, loyalty and savor the glory days of youth. Best lesson ever...>.<

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8. The other cast member that makes this Jdorama worth to remember is: Tetsu, the henchman, and Vice Principal Sawatari (also known as Saruwatari). Just my opinion, those guys were the silence helper in Yankumi's life, although Sawatari is quite annoying :D

Okay...what else?

Image result for gokusen 2 hiro mizushimaImage result for gokusen 2 ryosuke miura
9. The cast member of Rurouni Kenshin, Ryosuke Miura (as Cho Sawagejo) and cast member of Hanakimi, Hiro Mizushima (as Nanba Senpai) was also Yankumi's student. Although their part in Gokusen 2 is pretty small, that was a good start for them actually. I feel pretty nostalgic, to see Hiro before Hanakimi and Ryosuke before Rurouken.

Image result for gokusen 2 yankumi no boyfriendImage result for gokusen 2 yankumi fight
10. Oh, this one....the best part of Gokusen, Yankumi never feel shame to admit that she's the home teacher of 3D's problematic class. This is the example of true teacher, teacher forever and teacher 'till death...whoa~

p/s: Got so excited with Gokusen 2...Gokusen movie 2009 entry will come after this!

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