Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The Acceptable Counterfeit Stuff

Counterfeit, means fake. Of course you know about it. Previously, I'd made the fraud food list, just to inform people about food crime and counterfeit in food market. Late at night, I began to think and swimming inside my brain. Actually, not all counterfeit is bad. Not all fake stuff is a crime. There are few fake things that helps people in daily life.

Should I give you some examples?

1.  Wigs

Image result for wigs for bald

You know, not all hair medicine did wonders. Wearing hats all the time is irritating. So, applying wig is not a crime.

2. Dentures/ False teeth/ Fake teeth

Image result for fake teeth

Eating without teeth is hell. Thanks a million to this counterfeit, my dad can enjoy his meal all the time.

3. Prosthetic leg and limb

Image result for prosthetic leg and limbImage result for prosthetic leg and limb

Not all humans are born lucky. If 'counterfeit' contributes new chances and better life (and bring out confidence), is it wrong to choose the fake one?

4. Artificial nail/Fake nail

Image result for fake nail

Cleaning nails after nail polishing is tiring. Fake nail is much better. It's easy, a lot of design and of course, not smelly.

5. Fake eyelashes/ False eye lashes

 Image result for fake eye lashes

Women's favorite, especially. Using fake eye lashes can make eyes look bigger, instant glamour and more inviting. Well, not all of us are blessed with sky-high lashes.

6. Padded bra
Surgery is expensive. Yet, not all girls are happy with their boob shape and size. So, padded bra comes in handy.

7. Padded underwear
I never knew this stuff. I just stumble by inside Google. I guess padded underwear is one of important stuff, in order to boost up small hips and enhance sexiness while wearing pants.

8. Padded muscle undershirt

Image result for padded muscle undershirt

Well, well, well...guys. 'Work out' is not so hard for guys in this millennium. FYI, padded muscle undershirt also known as padded bra for men. Guys and girls are equal now.

So, peeps, is there any counterfeit stuff that seems acceptable in your mind?

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