Friday, 13 March 2015

Pixel art for Skool Bumps

It's been so long (yes, long) for me to start another blog comic. Skool Bumps (the name of my comic) is actually my interpretation of my old-silly dream in high school. I'd published my first blog comic in previous entries. Yet, that comic project was not a success or a failure. It was just an idiot desire. The broken pixel can be seen and it was not very clean digital artwork *heavy sigh~

Image result for pixel art sushi
So, I don't have any plan to continue my comic until I saw a sushi pixel art in Facebook. Surprisingly, a lot of people loved Pixel art. All of a sudden, my old-silly dream tickles my mind. Inspired by that sushi pixel art, I began to start sketching Skool Bumps characters for once again, snap a picture, and traced by soft sketching with line art. Just wanna share a bit, I used Paint because the sensation of 'pixel art' is in there. Although, pixel art is a bit of tedious work and the image keeps losing its color, or not very smooth, that's the best option I can get (because I don't have Wacom and I don't enjoy using Adobe series).

And there's one thing that put me in good spirit. Akira Toriyama did reversed art style in Dragon Ball (the small-body frame is not the weakest, but the strongest) and character's physical is obviously different but recognizable. That differences put him as the best mangaka. So, it's okay if my artwork is walking to a different path, isn't it? ^^

I decided to publish my blog comic in May. I show you a bit of my tedious artwork. The surprise part...? Let's wait for awhile. May is not going anywhere.

The process of tracing and lining the soft sketch
Ready to light-up the background and clean
the unnecessary lines.
Colour process is complete. Since I'm not intended to make
a colour comic, I'll change it into black-and-white.
All I need is to colour a bit, here and there, put some words
and, let's hope May is full with sunshine :)


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