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Watching Bitter Blood 2014

Image result for bitter blood jdramaOokay, this time is not for re-watch. Actually I've intended to write this entry in April but probably I'm too eager to say something or I might forgot the story line so, here it goes...Bitter Blood/Partners in Blood or in Japanese 'Saiako de Saikyo no Oyako Keiji', released in 2014 is one of great Jdorama in my list.

After video streaming yesterday (for a whole day), watching Bitter Blood with a little information really triggered my curiosity. My curiousity pays off. This Jdorama is a detective investigation, mystery, action and also a family-type. The story has started from a piece of old history between Shimao Akimura, the top veteran detective with his working partner, Maeda. Maeda was murdered by unknown person and it really hurts Shimao. Probably 10 years had passed, Shimao got paired with a new rookie detective who attend for his first day of work at Ginza Police Station. That rookie detective, Natsuki Sahara is one of the top student in police academy, his emphatic side is very high and the most important thing is, he is Shimao's son. At the same time, Maeda's daughter, Maeda Hitomi (portrayed by Shiori Kutsuna) also joined Ginza Police Station together with Natsuki Sahara. Well, the funny problem between them began to spark.

Okay, back to the story, working together with his hateful father who left him in his younger years, Natsuki seems to get really uncomfortable. He called his dad as senpai (senior), not oyaji (dad). Although Natsuki didn't like his father, he's trying to be professional in work. They solved a lot of cases together. And I really fond to several cases such as:

1. Marriage fraud scheme
Image result for bitter blood jdrama funny scene
The scene when the whole Kagiyama team
worried about Bachelor's future wife and ask
Skunk-san to investigate her.
The story began when Bachelor-san (portrayed by Tanaka Tetsushi), one of Kagiyama team declared that he's going to get married after meet one fine girl in omiai party. As one of the team, Natsuki feels happy and congratulated him while others in team get excited to know who's the lady. So, Bachelor-san told them, he met a 27-year old girl, working as a receptionist, a real fan of Evangelion, speak in Hiroshima dialect and very pretty. Not long after that, there's a report of a man (probably otaku based on his appearance), he was being deceived by a 33-year old girl after giving her a diamond ring. The weird thing is, her characteristic is so alike with Bachelor's future wife. After investigating, comparing and also detecting everything about Bachelor's future wife, they finally realized, that girl is planning for a marriage fraud scheme, hunting every lonely man, seize their money and kill them with a cup of coffee. 

Image result for bitter blood jdrama
The scene when the 10-year old
boy cycling his bike before he
got kidnapped.
2. Kidnapping the 10-year old boy in exchanged for 10 million yen jewelry

The story started when a 10-year old boy cycling to return home and suddenly got kidnapped. Natsuki with his team gathered to investigate the case and received a call from a kidnapper. The kidnapper forced a kid's parent for 10 million yen or else, the kid will die. Knowing that the kid's father is went bankrupt and struggled to get money, Natsuki offered to help with his savings that sent by Shimao for several years. Although the money is enough to pay the ransom, the kidnapper began to twisted the plan by forcing the kid's mother bought expensive jewelry with that 10 million yen money. After the kids' mother delivered the jewelry, the kidnapper tried to run away without releasing the kid. Instead, they locked the kid inside the toilet with a bomb. Natsuki that runs nearby the location able to save the kid and as an eccentric detective, he cried during his work.

3. Two million yen inside the wall
Image result for bitter blood takeru satoh in bathtub
The scene when the girl ask
Natsuki to stay for a night.

I like this case. The story started when the previous crime case appeared for once again when the criminal who stole 2 million yen suddenly shows up at Ginza after 3 years disappeared, probably looking for his girlfriend. Natsuki and Shimao has been assigned to keep that girl in safety by peeping over the next old building. A lot of funny scene between them such as Shimao's clean freak situation, watching a girl changing cloth and slight argument. One day, their argument stopped when the girl attacked by a man who admired her, not her boyfriend who stole 2 million yen. As Natsuki able to stop the attacker, that girl suddenly liked Natsuki and try to seduce him. At the end, the real criminal was that girl and deceived her boyfriend without mercy. However, Natsuki who also being deceived by her nice smile immediately arrested her for her crime, together with her boyfriend.

4. The serial killer in Ginza Police Station

The story started when Skunk Togashi-san (portrayed by Minagawa Sarutoki), the smelly breath detective, also part of Kagiyama team interrogated a suspect of serial killer. All of a sudden, the suspect suddenly attack Skunk-san and bleeds his head. The whole department in Ginza Police Station in chaos when the suspect began to attack freely and few officers got hurt. At the same time, Natsuki, Shimao and Hitomi got stuck in elevator because the power supply shut down and didn't know what happened outside of the elevator. Few funny scenes happened between the 3 of them (Shimao suddenly hugged Hitomi, Shimao and Natsuki desperately want to pee, love talk, Hitomi's crush over Shimao suddenly appeared etc). When elevator get better, the 3 of them rushed out for fresh air but Shimao hurriedly come back as he never recognized a police man who entered the elevator. The police man is actually the suspect of serial killer and threatened them with a gun. However, Skunk-san who peeping over the ventilator crushed over the suspect and solving the chaos in Ginza Police Station.

Image result for bitter blood jdrama
The scene after explosion, Natsuki able
 to save his dad, Shimao-senpai from the
crazy police informer.
5. The bombing plan at amusement park by Kaizuka, the insane ex-police informer.

Kaizuka, the insane ex-police informer who got shot by Shimao many years ago because of his fraud, appeared to get a revenge. 2nd and 3rd episode shows the Kaizuka's plan to kill Hitomi and Natsuki but Shimao came over with his team and saved them. Hitomi finally knew Kaizuka was the one who killed her father, the old partner of Shimao. Although they thought Kaizuka died in explosion, Shimao is not really convinced. 9th, 10th and 11th episode is the climax of Kaizuka's revenge when he appeared once again, able to capture Shimao and tortured him. Then, Kaizuka taunted Natsuki into his plan and forced Natsuki to choose-helping civilians from a bomb over Ferris wheel or helping his dad, Shimao, from a bomb. After so much force from Kaizuka, Natsuki choose to save civilians and stop the bomb but instead, the bomb's off-switch triggered the bomb on Shimao's body. Natsuki hurriedly run to get his dad and trying his best to stop the 2nd bomb but as soon Shimao cut the red wire, a bullet pops up and shot Natsuki. Knowing that Kaizuka is playing dirty, Natsuki tricks him, immediately pulled the blue wire and another bullet pops up and shot Kaizuka. Unable to receive failure, Kaizuka activated the bomb, slaughtered himself and died. At the end, Natsuki is able to save his father from explosion, Hitomi began to like Natsuki and Shimao decided to stay work together with his son although he supposed to get transferred into a higher position in Metropolitan office.

The Lovable Things in Bitter Blood

Image result for bitter blood jdrama
1. The opening of Bitter Blood, the clock ticking and the masculine background. Jdorama nowadays is getting much better and stylish. And the song, by Mayday, come one...the guitar portion, it rocks my head.

Image result for bitter blood jdrama
2. The English conversation between father-and-son. Nonsense....

Image result for bitter blood jdrama
3. Accidentally wear the same neck-tie, thanks to Sahara Shinobu, Natsuki's younger sister.

Image result for bitter blood jdramaImage result for bitter blood jdrama

4. The bra scene, when Hitomi get offended when Shimao said he likes a woman with big breast, she (who got drunk pretty bad) decided to buy the E cup bra, sleep beside Natsuki who knows nothing (because he slept early) and surprised Natsuki on the next day. This scene is really funny and I really mean it.

Image result for bitter blood takeru satoh in bathtub

5. The desperate-pee scene between Shimao and Natsuki inside the elevator (during Ginza police station in chaos because of the serial killer). They almost peed inside the plastic bag and a bag of chips.

Image result for bitter blood jdrama
6. The first attempt of Natsuki, to appear strong, decisive and scary detective (but obviously funny, so it's a failure). Come on Natsuki, used that 'glare'..the Battosai glare!

Image result for bitter blood jdrama
7. The other member of Kagiyama team: the workaholic Kagiyama-san, Skunk Togashi-san, Chaser Inagi-san, Bachelor Koga-san and Koji-san. Among all, I suddenly like Chaser Inagi-san character because he's so silent, not smiling, very rigid, and peculiar and even his face is a characteristic. 

The Additional Things about Bitter Blood

Image result for bitter blood jdrama takeru satoh
Sahara Natsuki, also called as 'Junior' by his team (portrayed by Takeru Satoh) as the main protagonist born in Taurus zodiac (the reality is, he's Aries, same like me). As Sahara Natsuki, Take-hime portrays a lot of facial expression and act maturely as a 25-year old man but at the same time, pretty convincing as an innocent man who never experienced a relationship with a woman, and also in curry cooking. With so many reactions and expression, the influence of Himura Kenshin still there. For example, there's a scene when the leader, Kagiyama-san get better after being attacked by his fellow friend, every member of Kagiyama team shows up to greet their leader, except Shimao. At the moment, Natsuki suddenly showing the Oro-kind-of-face, which reminds me the recognizable face of Himura Kenshin. Ow, I liked that scene. Besides, for Take-hime's die-hard-fan, Take-hime did a small fan service, while he was in a bath tub and almost dozed off. Although the scene is short, I believed that his fans are screaming, "Kyaaa!!!!"

Image result for bitter blood jdramaSomehow, I think that watching Take-hime as a modern person, not from Heisei era or things like that (I don't know why I keep calling him Take-hime....probably it sounds better for my ear?). To be honest, Take-hime in this drama is so much different than Rurouken. I can see the comical kakkoi side of him, instead of his Hitokiri-kind-of-face. Well, Take-hime, subarashii for your acting!

For this drama, I think that Take-hime gained some weight (which is good because he's quite thin before). Since he's gained a weight, he also looks great in suit (because I used to see him in his kimono and hakama pants, also in school uniform). So, Take-hime, please eat well and stay in this shape.

Image result for bitter blood jdrama takeru satohImage result for takeru satohImage result for bitter blood takeru satoh in bathtub
As Himura Kenshin (Rurouken), Heita Fukai (Q10) and Sahara Natsuki (Bitter Blood)

Image result for bitter blood jdramaAnd...as one of Jdorama with different genre I used to watch (I used to watch school-type Jdorama before), this comedy-crime is well presented not because of Take-hime only. Atsuro Watabe as Shimao Akimura (also known as Gentle) is one of the strong character, an eccentric detective and become Hitomi's love-crush for a moment. He appears as a person who loved fashion, popular among girls, very confident and obviously loved wearing high quality suits. He reminds me a lot with Barney Stinson. Other than that, his strong character supported by other characteristic such as his taste over Gentle's bitter coffee, his different approach to understand the crime, his belief in high-quality jacket can captured criminal easily and very stubborn to show affection towards his son although he ate student cheap meal for decades and save moneys for Natsuki's future. His silent-love really gained my attention, plus, he's kinda open-minded when he realized Natsuki liked Hitomi. What a great dad~

But, Shimao senpai is not very lucky in marriage as his wife left him for another guy while Natsuki thought that Shimao left his wife for another girl. This drama twisted my mind in a good way, I guess :)

Image result for bitter blood jdramaHowever, there's something I don't really like in this drama. If only there's more explanation about Kaizuka, because I really wants to know the reason why he get so angry with Shimao. Just to satisfy myself and based on what Shimao had said about Kaizuka, I assumed that Kaizuka betrayed police with false information (because Kaizuka used to be a police informer), Shimao founds out and shot his leg. Kaizuka's leg went limp, his crime exposed, his family left him, and he began to get extremely lonely. Somehow, I took a guess that Shimao's shot also ruined his capability as man so he has no luck at all with any girl. I bet this situation really broke his mental judgment and went crazy. A very clean and well-dress crazy man, I supposed.

Image result for bitter blood jdrama takeru satoh

Although, this Jdorama is quite short (11th episodes only), too much bomb scenes and explosion is not very convincing, there are few things that make me attracted to this Jdorama. Of course, the appearance of Take-hime itself, the nice act of Atsuro Watabe, the twisted story line, Shiori Kutsuna's cool behaviour, the growing relationship between father-and-son, family value, a bit of romance and the mixture of comedy is worth for appraisal and attention.

My rating stars? It is 9/10. I am fully satisfied  :)
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