Saturday, 21 March 2015

27 Placebo Poetry

2015, the beginning of another new year. With Kenken (my phone) and a limitation space in 'note apps', I desired to write a poem according to what I've feel, what I've seen, where was I and who did I met in my life. Writing a poem with a limitation is something not so 'wordy'. I can choose. And I can babble in a short sentence but feeling satisfied.

Isn't that good?

Anyway, writing 27 Placebo Poetry is somehow a restoration of feelings. Although, as you know 'placebo' itself is more in mental relief rather than its actual effect. But, to get an actual effect, mental must be strong at first. During restoration, of course I can't avoid weaknesses. But it doesn't mean that weaknesses is fragile. Basically, weaknesses can be 'delicate'. All you need to do is 'handle with care'. In certain times, you can't ignore the power of placebo. Especially in a very harsh moment in your life.

Just telling you, I am not a very skillful person in poetry. I just making words, into the way I loved it. It feels like words are my Lego. All I have to do is to build it up and create my growing 'island'. So, hopefully, my short poems can bring anyone to come and visit my 'island', and then kick all coconuts at the shore.

Oh, before that, I just want to say thanks to my faraway fellow, Rutake Hasto for being such an inspiration. I wish one day we'll meet at my growing island and kick coconuts together :)

@magi2015: May all kindness, happiness, glorious and prosperous come and cherish us.

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