Wednesday, 11 March 2015

My Year-Book of Smiling Crisis!

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I was been called as rabbit or 'arnab' in Malay. That's because I have a crooked teeth. And my childhood was pretty annoying. Well, what can I expected? Childhood crisis~

But to be truth, I liked my rabbit teeth.

However, as I grow up as a teenager, smiling is not my hobby. Selfie is also not my thing, I prefer Wefie. And it's a rare activity for me to upload my pics in FB, IG or in my blog. Sometimes, it's a bit of threatening when my family/friends hold up a camera, look at my face and said, "let's make a memory!"'s thrilling, you know.

But still, I won't say 'No' to them. You know, to lived in the society, not smiling is not so nice. And my teacher said that, 'smiling is sedekah'. So, even smiling is such a crisis for me, I'll try my best to smile. So, in order to overcome my internal crisis, I have a several different techniques to deliver a smile in years. Lemme show you some:

Innocent smile (2006): Get pitiful and smile.

 Cool smile (2007): Smile up and get cool.

Smiling-under-sunshine (2008): 
Smile bright when the sun is shining

 Camouflage-smile (2009): Showing a smile
and a punch at the same time.

 Playful smile (2010): 
Show a bit of smile with some action.

 Pretend-to-look-cute-smile (2011): 
Be positive and think cute~

 Get-weird-smile (2012): 
Get smile while doing weird things.

Upper-view smile (2013): 
Find a higher place, then, get smile :)

Fierce smile (2014): 
Just smile fiercely!

After so many years, I began to get 'friendly' with the thing called as 'pictures'. Because of this new feeling of friendliness, smiling bright or showing my teeth is not a problem anymore. Why is not a problem anymore? 
I guess, smiling is not a bothering thing nowadays *clap clap

So, my smiling crisis in my yearbook has ended its episode. 
Thanks to positivism, confidence and of course, my rabbit teeth!

p/s: I read about invisalign system, it sounds interesting :D
*smiling is not enough, I'm grinning~

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