Thursday, 19 December 2013

Decorating Pre School Class II

Last week, I've got a job to help decorating pre school class at Kuching. I love arts, as a matter of fact. So I spent few days playing with colourful papers, sticky-wicky gum, scissor and of course, drawings. Since there was a limitation in budget so everything was fully hand-made. Yet it still makes me jolly-roger all the way in. I almost forgot...there's Candy Crush on board, suggested by me but my bro did it nice and pretty.

That days were awesome..

Okay, check out the artwork!

"Welcome to PPKI Class..."
"Bright lights and the big city~"
"Sweet and sugar and candy things"
"Paperius Tulipia..."
"Another paper species- Paperius Alamandeus..."
"On the left, paper tree-vines..divine.."
"My mushy frog and the unknown
bee species at the back."

"And the whole combination of fungi, tree vines, frogs,
everyday cities, flowers and the last one....


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