Monday, 2 December 2013

The Mind of the Audience When Their Beloved Celebrity Died

Cory Monteith, so gleeful
to die early
December, it fills with shock of Paul Walker's death. I'm his car-fans in F&F. After his death, there were so many talks about the reason of the accidents, the rumours, revising news and also, the background search on Google (I did that too). At the end, I realized I've become of the those audiences out there. Analyzing like a pro (the audience's thought) although the truth is, only God knows.

Heath Ledger, so serious
to go early
In every celebrity's death, people tend to think like CSI. There must be a big reason behind this. For example, when Jacko found dead- people assumed he took some drugs or kill by someone. Now, his personal doctor is  facing steel bar at somewhere isolated. When Amy Winehouse's death report came out, drug is the devil, possibly about suicide? When Brittany passed away, people said that she was too high like Amy and went dead. Now, people believed that she was murdered by someone. Remember Marilyn Monroe? She died 'too early' because of drugs, or other things that everyone had assumed long ago- her relationship with JFK caused chaos. Believe me, being celebrity is targeted for death issue. As far as my reading-surfing, some people is now predicting the death pattern of Billy Ray's daughter, mother Monster, ex-pop princess, the mortal holy mother and et cetera. At the moment, the mind of the audience is quite a scary world.

Lisa Left Eye, so
cute to left early
Okay, now, let me skip a bit and drop on the road- what's behind the mind of the audience when they heard their beloved celebrity died? Look, what a wordy question is that? Actually, the answer is simple. 
  1. Drugs, that's the usual reason. Drug is too sweet to handle, show them the highway to meet God. I've heard that Whitney and Kurt passed their physical life because of this. I don't know, but one things for sure, drugs never leave the list.
  2. Suicide. This common thing happened when celebrity can't handle the club- the club of family destruction, love affair, masochist (?), crappy personal life, debt abundance or whatsoever. At the end, they just want to sleep- forever.
  3. Conspiracy. This is common among crown household or politician folks, but the story goes by because of the essential of power and money. Oh, don't forget, celebs are included because celebs are too wide-range, too broadband.
  4. Scandalism. Yup, it begins with number 4, and further to number 3. Later, number 1 or 2 is included, and that's how the celebrity died. I called it as, 'typicalism' of assumption. People always think like that.
  5. Murder. People loved this idea of murdering. Yeah, Jacko found dead- he was murdered by evil medicine. Brandon Lee found dead- he was murdered by a blind bullet. Aaliyah found dead- he was murdered by a plane crash. FYI, our life is surrounded by a murderer. Beware.
  6. Homicide. Wiki teaches me- it is an act of human killing another human including the certain unintentional killings. Maybe killers do this because celebs seems fun and good to go into the news. For example, the Mexican sweetie Selena, Edgar Allan Poe, Notorious B.I.G or Tupac Shakur. Really, what's on the mind of 'homicider'?
  7. Secret society. The one-eyed issue is probably the hottest one to illuminate the death, targeted when the celebs had turn-coated on them and they died in unbelievable well-planned accident. Too much coincidence? Don't know. But it sure hits the subject.
  8. Ritual killing. Actually I read this at somewhere when he/she (gender not clarified) mention about ritual killing or sort of Satan-centric, including Walker's death on the road inside the Porsche on November 30 is close enough to Aleister Crowley's death (Satan pastor) on December 1. It also reminds me with James Dean, died in car crash on Route 666- related with the theory of the apocalypse. sounds a bit too much to dig further.
  9. Religion matters, sort of Anti-Christ or religion terrorist. Actually, religion is one of the dark reason that hard to accept but it happens. I did read one article on the website, saying that the rumour of Jacko's death was also because of his friendship things with Yusuf Islam, or was known as Cat Stevens in the past. Oh God, I don't know what is really happening.
The rest of the mind of the audience when their beloved celebrity died might be:
  1. The overflow sadness and heartbreaking.
  2. The imagination of the celebs to be reincarnate and alive.
  3. The deeper judgement to combine the whole 9 ideas on top.
  4. The question that never ends.
  5. The tangible problems behind the celebs death.
  6. The explicit theories- like the end of the world or assassination.
  7. Or probably, consuming too much facts in their brain, they forgot one thing- they beloved celebrity is already gone.
I know it's hard to believe, but no one is immortal. Death is sure for everyone. And we're born to bond with the death.


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