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The Most Expensive Raw Food Ingredients


Italian white Alba truffles can sell much as $3600 a pound, and become the most expensive fungi in the world. 2 pound white truffles can sell more to $300000 recently. The high value fungi brought black trade in white truffle where the Chinese truffle came in and masquerade. They're being sold in and out like a drug, stolen and threatened by dealers, because of its delicacy, fancy, and pretty aphrodisiac.


Beluga white sturgeon caviar from Caspian Sea  is the most expensive caviar in the world. It gained its place as a luxury cuisine and among connoisseurship; the one who enjoy to discriminate and appreciate the details, techniques and taste. The 000 grade is extremely rare and referred as  'royal caviar' because it tastes rich and silky. Almas caviar from Iran is also high value- rarely and extremely expensive. Caviar House & Prunier at London sells a kilo of expensive Almas in a 24 karat gold tin for $25000 and smaller tin for 800 pound sterling.

Credits: Wikipedia

Matsutake mushroom from Japan known for its high price and it can sell up to $1000 per pound. Its rarity of production and difficult to harvest becomes the reason of its expensiveness.


Saffron came from Afghanistan, Greece, India, Iran and Middle East can be expensive, approximately $400 per pound. The price can go up because of its difficult harvesting time, labouring and totally handpicked. Sometimes, each flower contains only few stems and need 400 hours to gain 1kg of dried saffron. The delicate healthy part of saffron becomes the reason of its fanciness.

Coffee bean

Luwak coffee bean from Indonesia is the most expensive coffee in the world, $33-$100 per cup. The coffee bean goes through a unique and extreme process, through a digestive tract of Luwak, the Asian Palm civet. The coffee bean through digestive tract in civets then thoroughly washed and lightly roasted. It gives the coffee a wonderful aromatic, smooth flavour and good for health.

Mineral Water

Kona Nigari, the high mineral water from 2000 feet below water levels off Hawaii's coast is the most expensive bubble fluid, $13-$17 per fluid oz and the water is highly concentrated. Its price caused by its numerous health benefits such as weight loss, skin health, digestive aid and stress reduction. 2 oz containers sell around $33 per bottle.

credits: Reuters

The bluefin tuna from Japan was sold at Tokyo Market for $1.8 million in January 2013, and become the most expensive fish to eat in the world. Tiny sushi slices of the prized fish can sell $24. Although the price was dropped a bit last year, $646000 per one, the bluefin is still be consider as the most expensive fish.

hop shoot
Credits: Organic authority
The hop shoot, which resemble asparagus is the most expensive veggie in the world. It emerges only during spring time, between March and April. It doesn't taste bitter even in raw form and taste great in steam, sautee with butter or with chives and garlic. However, they quickly disappears. That is why the price can reach $1250 per 2.2 pound at U.K.



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