Saturday, 21 December 2013

The Other 'Long Investment'

You know, in life, long investment swallows money and it scares you. For example, you rent house rather than bought it. Just want to inform you, rental check vapours like a steam; once you pay, it's gone with the wind. Yes, paying something for a long time costs you a fortune and your sleep at night. But, good to know, it's worthy although it's expensive.

Basically, long investment is not about buying house only. It is not about a fundamental of economy and global business. Long investment is much wider, and deeper than you thought. Let me give you some short examples.

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In a Relationship
Every man, or woman, invested a lot in love affair. Love affair needs more attention than car, highly maintenance. In love affairs, heart is on top of head instead of brain so people who fall in love is easy to feel threatened, angry, jealous and frustrated. With gifts, loyalty, honesty, fidelity, give-and-take ability, financial stability and love infinity, that's a long investment for a couple to ensure the large sum of happiness- until one of them dead.

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In Health

Did you know good basic ensure the safety of house? That's the same to human. Long investment in health is what people need the most. Bad health occurs due to lifestyle, food and environment. Some people spend the whole fortune to sustain their health and continuous life. As a matter of fact, health is like a diamond. You will never know how much you invest until you drop sick and begging to stay alive.

In Psychology

Human needs balance in life, I called it as psychological needy. Happiness sometimes can be subjective through lovable gesture, harmonic relationship, sustainable trust or friendly environment. It could be objective in certain time through gifts, favourite items, hobbies or behind the things you loved the most. As it for me, my psychological needy is book. I spend a lot in books because I believe, books are my long investment in psychology.

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In Daily Budget

Okay, this is economy but more personal. I think you know what I want to say. For example; you pay electric bills every month and it's getting high in each passing year (why government?) Meanwhile, there's the option of installing solar panel, 8000++ for the whole cost. Average people would say that they're willing to pay bills every month instead of paying 8000++ for solar panel that can help you cut down electric expenses into 40% and reduce problems in daily-monthly budget. Think about that? Do your math.

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In Maintenance

You say, car maintenance is the overflow of money. But nowadays, self maintenance is far more scarier. You see, health and psychological needy is part of it. The bigger part of self maintenance is beauty. You can't fight beauty desire. In Korea, women spent so much in  in cosmetic surgery (rhinoplasty, otoplasty, liposuction, transplant, lifting, rejuvenation and all kinds of surgery anecdotes) and as always, the search of perfection will never end. But for me, the maintenance of mind and health is worth to spend more.


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