Saturday, 7 December 2013

The Song that Tickles My Attention

Hey dear fellow, I just wanna talk a bit about songs that I've heard in my playlist. Basically, I'm not picky. I hear all kinds of song from English to Polish to French to German to Japanese, to Chinese to Korean, to Malay, to Arabian to Mexican and tutu~ Just then, I heard something iffy inside the song. Well, I know music and song is a language of heart and mind. The way to express the feeling and communicate. Yet sometimes, musician used this to communicate. I mean, they really communicate in song. For example:

Mario Winans & Shola Ama
Remember Mario Winans? He said that "I don't wanna know"- refusing..
Then, Shola Ama returned his word- "You should really know"- convincing..

Basically, those were the song title and Shola Ama just giving a song response to Winans. But good to know, those songs were the ambassador for women and men out there. The man said- "I don't wanna know"...then the woman said- "You should really know." You know what would I say? Both of you should ask so you know!

Justin Timberlake & Britney Spears
Another example; Justin Timberlake and Britney Spear were once a couple. When they broke up in 2002, Justin released his album 'Justified 2002' and the single 'Cry Me a River' was the expression of his feeling towards Britney, claiming that Britney cheated him (you can read further in Wikipedia). Later, Britney released her album 'In the Zone 2003' with the single 'Everytime' as a response to Justin, claiming that she did not cheat him. Really, they talked in music. Er, it reminds me with the other Justin...

Bieb and Sel, your journey is far, still too far...

Rihanna & Chris Brown
Okay, their relationship was ended up bad when Rihanna received a sucker punch from Brown. Since then, Rihanna went quite disturbia with partying, drugging, and odd smexy stuff. Later, Rihanna released her album, 'Talk that Talk 2011' with her single, 'Where Have You Been?"- she's asking. Then, David Guetta released his album 'Nothing but the Beat 2011' with his song 'I Can Only Imagine' featuring Chris Brown and Lil' Wayne. You know what's the first sentence he sung in that song?

"Where you been? Where you been all my life?"

They both asking the same question!

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles
The relationship between Swift and Styles was quite stylish until they broke up in early 2013 (just Google it to know more). Swift even showed up her annoyance when she said 'shut the fuck off' to the band during VMA (don't see the video so, watch it by yourself)...and she also produced a nice song in her album Red with the title 'I knew You Were Trouble' and 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together'- she sounds angry actually. You know how Styles respond to this? He just chew his gum (and probably say 'I just give her my teenage kick').

Well, he's just hashtag get over it. 

There's more hidden things actually...

Ke$ha released a new song in 2013, Crazy Kids while in 2012, she had released Die Young. Basically, she delivered a good message behind both song- Crazy Kids Die Young. So kids, don't get crazy or you will die young. That's so simple.

Lady Gaga, the glam mother monster who loves the attention and fashion, she had released The Fame in 2008, in order to show how much she loves the fame. In 2013, she released Applause for her album Artpop. As far as she can go, she applause the fame to the very end. Just sayin'...

Avril Lavigne, known for her dark-pinky image basically being honest in her song. Yes, if you asked me about that, I think she's pretty honest. Because, she fall in love with her first hubby, Deryck Whibley around the year and she made a song  'My Happy Ending' for the album 'Under My Skin 2004-05' which they ended up together in marriage ceremony in 2006. In 2009, they split up and divorced officially in 2010. And, she made another song tracks in Goodby Lullaby such as Smile, Everybody hurts and Darlin'. If you say it with intonation, it sounds like- Smile. Everybody hurts, darlin'....
(Fun fact: The producer of Goodbye Lullaby album was her husband before they split up).

Miley Cyrus...okay, the last one. It feels just right to speak about Miley Cyrus, the owner of the name 'Destiny Hope'. To speak honest, I love your real name, Miley. You sounds like hope but nowadays, you're quite hopeless. I refused to call you 'the hopeless destiny' because it just rude for me to say that. I guess, she just 'climbing on an uphill battle' and she don't know 'what's waitin' on the other side' and sometimes she have to lose. Well, it's all about the climb. Don't stop climbing, Miley and stop wrecking balls~

So, what's on your mind about the song that tickles you?


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