Saturday, 28 December 2013

Doodle Art

Recently,  I am so IN about doodling. The thing I loved the most when I was in high school. Since I'm buzzing on the manuscript, I am so empty minded and lost a bit. That's when I started the habit for once again, hopefully, the idea will come back graciously and gracefully =)

This is 'The Power of Art is Infinity' where my
imagination is getting weird.
I made this for Christmas Day  few days ago
My friend told me that this art reminds her with her childhood,
when she fell ill and start dreaming weird things...haha
I made this with gel pen and a wee-bit
of creativity. Can you see my name
in the middle?
Rough sketch of my former classmate in 2007. I can't believe
myself I still remember where we were sitting.
The '2014 Resolution'- find that word in that tree. I remembered
that Cee Lo said in Voice, "Lose Gracefully or Win Graciously."
That is my resolution.
The last one, I made it firstly among others.
I believe I don't have to say anything about
this. You know that.

Yeah, now my finger start to shiver. Better get out now.


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