Thursday, 1 May 2014

Holiday travel: No money? Go near!

Walking to a new place is great. You get experience, nice view and of course, great photos. If you get travel far from your place, the excitement is more. But if you don't have a lot of money, like mine, go near. Make yourself out like a tourist.

Walking into your growing place is quite memorable. Don't see it as a usual place. Connect yourself into your childhood, where small things seem so big. And big things seem so wide. Sometimes, nostalgia is far more interesting. Anyway, I traveled here and there since 2005. I don't go so far. I'm a short-traveler, read my profile. Not all places I managed to capture, phone was just a phone. There was no camera. With few photos in my collection, how time changed a person and how time changed the whole landscape.

Cool river at Kampung Rayu (2012)
Asajaya, Kampung Nonok (2009)
Damai Center (2012)
DCove Pasir Panjang (2012)
Fort Margherita  (2012)
Gunung Gading National Park, Lundu (2007)
Historical India Street Pedestrian Mall (2011)
Kampung Bako (2014)
Sarawak Cultural Village (2014)
Santubong Village (2013)
Matang Family Park (2014)
Pustaka Negeri Sarawak (2013)
Ranchan Recreation Park, Serian (2013)
Red Zoo, Bau (2014)
Sematan beach (2013)
Serikin (2012)
SK Gersik,
the 3rd oldest primary school
at Sarawak- my old school
Sarawak Stadium
During TYT Sarawak's birthday
Public park at the back of Wisma Bapa Malaysia.
Once was the site of English bungalow during
Brooke era
Big Cheng Ho at Taman Sahabat (2013)

Tasik Biru, Bau (2013)
Bukit Aup, Sibu (2005)

The local journey will continue. Some will get left behind ^^