Thursday, 8 May 2014

Comic: Skool Bumps (Eng. Version/Revised)

Skool Bumps, again. English version, revised a lot. Unbelievable. The idea was emerged in 2006. Rough sketches was in 2008. So much mistakes. And so ugly. But still, I wish I can produce one. Then, last year (November 2013), I released the raw one, in Malay. When I revised it this year, problems everywhere. So yeah, that's my Preface. The revised version. Made this in English to fulfill someone's request. 

Hope you like it, fella~

I made few changes from the previous one. 6 new pages, 12 were fixed and 3 extras. Made this for fun, don't take it professionally. Kudos to all comic artists out there, you're awesome. So, enjoy (and don't throw up ^^)


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