Monday, 5 May 2014

Kuching Waterfront: While I Breathe, I Hope

Leisure time. Pleasure moment. Saturday's walking. Enjoy walking. Making memories. You named it, I don't care. All I know is, outdoor oxygen is refreshing. As usual, I walked around town. My cat city. At the same time, there was Karnival Usahawan Desa (KUD) at Kuching Waterfront. The day was cool and cloudy and windy, the town was crowded and jolly and happy, my short trip was very nice and relaxing.

Hey, walking is relaxing. And relaxing is splendid. That's the point of
outdoor activity, right?

India Street, once was known as Kling Street. I liked
here, street foods and local restaurants are tasty.
And cheap too.
Kuching's Division Mosque, once was owned by
Datu Patinggi Ali and his families; the Malay
fighters during Brooke era.
The back street of Brooke Dockyard, the glory of
Brooke's heritage since 1912. Brooke Dockyard
will be changed into a museum. I can't wait to
get inside and mesmerized myself.
The changing face of Kuching Waterfront. Previously, it
was the old market place of Pasar Ceko. Always wet and
gloomy. Although its smell was not very nice, Pasar
is hard to forget. It used to be part of my town.
The majestic Sarawak State Legislative Assembly
Building. We, local people, called this as DUN. How
time flies in full speed, the landscape is so different.
And our Police Headquarters was long gone. Then,
the new Golden Bridge will appear and I know
somehow one day, the beloved perahu tambang
will be in history, herstory and everyone's story.
Motor show at Kuching Waterfront, during KUD
activities. Crystal clear, the first thing I saw on those
bikes were 'Malaysia'. We are truly patriotic. Somehow,
I don't understand why certain people hate us.
Volkswagen Beetle; rusty and old but powerful inside.
I was walking towards the Beetle with my mom. There
were so much in KUD's booth, but only Beetle attracts
my attention.
Taking pictures with Beetle. We're both the same-
earth colour theme. Hmm, my dream car, VW.
One day I will get you.  I get you~
KUD was crowded on that day. Rest
a bit with Charles. Charles didn't mind
it. He's glad I'm coming. He's chatty~
Feel like I was back to 1883. Sitting on hundred
years of marching floor. I can feel the old vibrant.
And I really want to stand at that corridor.
Please allow me, sir, who in-charge this place.
There's no autumn season at my place. I lived in equator's
line. But, watching those old brownish leaves falling
down and scattered over the floor, there's an odd feeling
inside me. All my nerves were calm for minutes. Good
therapy, I guess...
Alone. With old and new. The Old Court House standing
still and the new Plaza Merdeka is sprouting. My town
is growing healthily.
The Old Court House. The busiest building in the past.
Law and order was collided with people and punishment.
And now, I sat there, having a nice day without people,
except my brother with his baby Alpha. Relaxing
is grace, you know.

Photos: J Photography

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