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Another Sarawak's Cuisine

Sarawak has a variety of food. Laksa sarawak, manok pansoh, mee Jawa, fried salted terubok, dabai, engkalak; that's just the other part of familiar cuisine. Dig deep, you'll see there are so many things to try.

I am not talking about typical things you know about Sarawak's cuisine. There's more. There's another.

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This is rengguang. Also known as ngoang among locals. This tasty thing is somehow, a combination of lobster and crab. Its tail is a bit like scorpion but don't worry, hear. It is very-very safe to eat it. But not so easy to catch it. Ngoang will come out during heavy rain season. But not every rainy season. You need to be lucky to catch this. I was lucky I ate this before. Even until now, after so many years, the tasty-gravy white flesh is still haunted me.

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This is bunga durian or durian's flower. Tasty and delicious when my mom put belacan and make sautee cook. Or, you can make it into kerabu. Oh I loved it! Basically, this cuisine is widely known at Sarawak. And some local restaurants served it as a delicate menu. Somehow, part of Peninsular didn't know it. My sister's mother in-law was mesmerized by this food during her trip to Kuching.


This one known as pais ikan.  All kinds of medium fish is suitable. Then, mixed it with turmeric powder, salt, MSG and chili powder. Inside banana leave's wrap, it took around 30-40 minutes in heat (cook it on grill or inside steamer). Basically it was a typical old folk's cuisine in the past which is economical, easy to make and less fat. There was no microwave or modern cooking pots. So, it does make sense why my grandma liked it. Old-fashion style~

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Juicy, tender and tasty; my dear sate buntut ayam. For those who didn't know buntut ayam, it means chicken's butt. When I was at Peninsular, it was hard to buy sate buntut ayam. Some did, but they fried it too deep I can't recognize it's shape. On of the seller told me, eating chicken's butt is disgusting. It was too bad for them who think negatively. As long people can clean it nicely and cook it well, it can be very delicious. It's worth for my mouth-watering syndrome. Besides, Sarawakian and Sabahan believed that buntut ayam makes them younger *wink


Kulit sapi or ox's skin is not popular in some part of Malaysia. The best part of an ox is of course, the fleshy meat, tongue, brain and tail. They just make the ox's skin dried under the sun and make something worthy such as handicraft, musical instrument or artistic purpose. In Sarawak, ox's skin is famous for masak lemak, mixed it with sayur keladi and soy-bean fusion. At first, the skin must be clean thoroughly, wash it well, boiled it inside hot water, cut the outer part carefully and then cook it, whatever you want.


Sulur keladi or yam's shoot is my pop's favourite dish. It's easy to get it, or buy it at Kuching. And the best way to prepare it; made it into sambal or spicy condiment. Previously, it was a economical dish for a family and at the same time, it's tasty and spicy.
Look at the picture, don't you feel hungry? Or, mouth-watering? I do loved it when my mom made it. I know, behind those lovely shoots and chilies, there are nice and juicy prawn, ready to get munch.

credits: CQyra instagram

Actually I already did this cuisine's story inside Day 2- Sematan Beaches to Mountainous Lundu entry. I just loved to mention it for once again. Unique dish, inside that white plate is known as rebung kering or dried bamboo shoot. You can't get it anywhere at Kuching, probably the other part of Sarawak, except Sematan. Dried bamboo shoot is a local food, local cuisine. They didn't sell it out, always sold out. And the price is quite cheap. You can't expect to buy this in afternoon. There will be no more. Tell you the truth, it tasted so yummy and chewy and different, it's always in my mind.


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