Friday, 2 May 2014

Doodling, Drawing~

Yesterday, Labour Day. I've found a piece of drawing block behind my book shelve,some useless paperboard and I was bored. So, I doodled a bit. With gel pen, drawing pen, colourful marker and various colour pen, I bowed my head and make something.

Now I got backpain...O_O!

Artistry, as I was trying to be artistic. At the
end, I just make cartoons.
Hey! I greet myself with this sketch. 1st time
using colour marker. My neck was quite a pain
after that.
I can't sleep; I made this before I bought
colour marker. Put some tuner effect. This is
what I look when I can't sleep.

Kuching, my hometown. I try to describe
it with drawing. There's Fort Margherita,
'perahu tambang', rafflesia, Sarawak's DUN,
flying bird at DC, future Golden Bridge, a cat
and  a (weird) bowl of  'laksa Sarawak'...ha3~
Lady, I made this for no reason. I'm
not so lady-like person.

We are golden, Mika's song. I liked this title so
I put it on top. This art is the hardest because I was
tired and sleepy and back pain but my finger
refused to stop drawing and colouring and
cutting the edge of paper. Anyway, I liked it.


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