Saturday, 10 May 2014

The Colourful World of Doodles

Again, doodles? Yeah. More colors, more fun! I was like, back to the old school snap shots because I did that a lot in secondary school (sorry, never attend high school). I don't know when, why and how, my colourful passion of doodles had disappeared for several years (almost 10 years). Then, this year, they come again. I liked colors in doodle. Everything seems connected to all my senses~

I made some in few days...continue doodling for more entries :)


Inner Lady.

Expressing the femininity in every person, I guess. I'm not so feminine. Yet maybe, sometimes, I did. Can you see my name on the right side? My name, it sounds not so feminine. My mom told me they choose this name so I can be strong. Yes, strong enough to face this complicated world. 

Thanks mom and dad, my name is beautiful.

According to the monthly theme, Mother's Day.
All mothers out there, the whole world, including my mom (the best of all, of course!).

This artwork purely made for mommies. Blue represents the calmness, red represents the strength, green represents of sweet nature, and the rest of colorful colors are- the wonderful beauty of motherhood.

I named this as Mother

Lovely title as ever.

And now, we're off to sail!

Inspired by the shape of 'golekkan', type of small ship. I referred the original shape through the old stamp of Singapore. This ship is quite unique actually.

Golekkan, golekkan, sounds catchy, isn't it?

Ahoy, fellow. This is Sail Away~

Random sketch, this is the earliest sketch among others.
At first, I just scratch my drawing block here and there, without any motives or themes.

As soon as I finished, I spent minutes to stare on it before I realized it looks like one piece of boot. Eccentric type of shoes, Gaga would like to have one, perhaps.

So I declared this, The Boots. Funny how, I made this unintentionally after watching Puss in Boots.

I named it as Water Drop, represents one drop of eye-tear.

Tears; it's not about sadness, sometimes it's happiness.

The other name for this might be The Onion. Onion was the first name for this artwork. Because I loved eating onions, especially big red onions. Onion is also the insignia of my awesome blog (don't care if you hate it, haters gonna hate anyway). 

And, you know why Onion was the first name? When you chopped onions, you got tears in your eyes. Logically~

The Mind of a Woman.

Basically I just want to sketch random things that came across my mind. My mind is complicated with micro little things, mixed with unexplained feelings, past, future, knowledge and junks. 

Then, soon after I completed with stuffs below, suddenly I decided to draw a woman, spying at the back, with one pair of blue-mystical eyes, and the witchy-hand and red blooded hair.

Uh, uh..magical...

The last one, I said to myself; I'm flying....~

It ain't the truth.

Actually I made this after scrolling few pieces of butterfly stamps inside my album; Appias Nero Figulina + Parthenos Sylvia Lilacinus + Precis Orithya Wallacei. The combination of those three creating this doodle. To be honest, this is my first attempt sketching this creature neatly. Usually, it looks like a cripple ribbon.

May butter flies away one day...



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