Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Artwork Artisan

Another artwork entry for this month, before Ramadhan. While I'm paying my attention in writing a short story, I did slipped a bit. Sketch here and there but the artistic feeling was not absorbed into me after few months in hiatus (neh~). I just barely did five sketches and unexpectedly went under some influences. I can be pretty unbalanced, sometimes.

This time, I really mean the 'artisan' word; I produced my work in limited quantities. Let's proceed

The first complete sketch, my late grandpa.
Sometimes, I really missed him. He made my
childhood memories worth to remember.

The second attempt, drawing my friend's face.
The last time I saw her was in 2002. It's been
13 years now, it's pretty difficult for me to imagine
her face perfectly.

The first attempt, trying to sketch my friend's
face. For no reason, I used too much 8B and
went under pressure (headache). Something
was not right about her face, I think.

My beloved Sing Yeh. I really liked him no matter what
kind of face he's trying to pull in. Maybe this is not
very similar with him but I still named this as
Sing Yeh, the nickname for Stephen Chow.

The last one, my parent. Again, I'm using 8B too much. Not
so easy to sketch my dad because to draw someone with
a similar face like me is quite a headache. 

Getting sloppy, I'm in nightmare.

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