Friday, 6 June 2014

Old Stories at Kuching

Old folk stories. Again. After few weeks in searching, I've got some old stories to share. Back to the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. As I told you before, I loved to sit down, listen and enjoy my mom's story. About the historical things, the old jars underneath MASJA, the buried village of Kampung Astana Fieldforce and selling jackfruit to gain pocket money. Life was hard. And that makes all stories were worthy.

I wonder, what kind of story I might tell to others if my age is like my mother? 

Golden Tooth

My mom's teeth is beautiful, so different than mine. My teeth is quite protruding. Last two weeks, my dad went to clinic and took out more of his tooth. He can't barely eat and always nagging. Then, my mom said to him, "Get a pretty set of teeth. Loan some money and make it fast." It is quite a contrary for some others, to loan some money and get a set of new teeth? Nowadays, new set of fake teeth costs RM100 at government clinic and RM1000+ at private clinic. Nice and neat new teeth is expensive but for the sake of happy meal, it's worth it. I was thinking, thousands for a new set of fake teeth seems like ordering a set of golden teeth. Then, my mom told me, both of her parents (my grandpa and grandma) were used to have a golden tooth and it looks shining whenever they smiled. Back to 50 and 60s, having a golden tooth is something ordinary among villagers and it shows that they're capable. Besides, the gold price was very low during that time. You see, how much the world economy had changed, even the ordinary new teeth's price today is similar to a golden bracelet.


Plaza Merdeka, the new face of shopping complex at Kuching. Situated at the center of busy buzzing of Kuching, everything is fresh and vibrant. Before that, Plaza's site was an empty land. I knew nothing about that place, until my mom said to me, "That place was known as Supersonic during 80s." I was like, what? Supersonic? What's that? My mom told me that Supersonic was the area of parking lot and at night, Chinese sellers will gather and sell good things such as fruits, kitchen supplies, hardware, clothes and even blanket. There were food stalls, selling instant foods and many things. Something like Medan Niaga Satok nowadays. Supersonic was so famous back there and most of their customers were rich and able to afford a lot and obviously well known among Chinese locals. During 90s, Supersonic loses its charm. It went disappeared, just like that.

Cheap Movie Ticket

My sister wants to bring me to movie cinema. But the timing is still not right. So my mom asked me, "When you want to go to cinema with your sister?" I replied, "She told me to wait." Again, my mom gives me the question, "How much the movie ticket?". I answered her, "RM13-14 I think. According to what kind of cinema hall." Later, my mom told me that back to her young age, she loved to go to cinema and watch movies with her friends. During 70s, movie tickets were very cheap but not everyone can afford it. For front seat, the ticket price was 50 cent. The middle seat was around RM1.80 or RM1.50. The upper seat was around RM1. Usually, my mom and her friends picked the front seat because the ticket price was affordable to them. Only 50 cent. But after that, all of them complained for a neck and backpain. What would I expect? 50 cent. Today, even a set of popcorn and soft drink costs RM10.

KUTEX factory

I'm not so sure about the spelling and I'm not even sure about my English either. But, there was a small plastic factory named KUTEX. My auntie used to work there when she was young and spend the whole of her money to buy blouses. She had a low realization of the importance of food, I think. So I asked my mom, what happened to the factory? Before that, my mom told me that factory was located at Samariang. I should see it somehow, if that factory is still there. Then she told me the old plastic factory had changed, being demolished and rebuilt something new. And the new is now called as Choice Super Mall Samariang. That super mall is getting old now. 

Old Briged Cinema Day

Back during early 70s, there was a special day and they called it as Cinema Day at Briged Headquarters Kuching (that place is now DUN new building) . In 70s, having TV means wealthy. Not all people were able to buy TV and it was difficult too because they have to get a TV license. So, whenever they want to watch free movies, they have to wait for it. Then, on the day of Cinema Day, all families, especially from the nearest village (Astana Kecil, Astana Fieldforce, Siol Kandis or Boyan), they came with their personal belongings such as foods, mat and umbrella. At the parking site of Briged Headquarters, white and wide banner will be hanged and the police who in-charge will play the selected movie with movie projector. And so, they sat together and enjoy. It was a happy moment for people in 70s because they can sit there till morning and no one would dare to disturb them. You know why? Because they watch movies inside the area of police's authority. Great, wasn't it?

*bad English, beg your pardon.

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