Wednesday, 9 October 2013

1001 Words of Historical Photos

[Credits: WorldFamousPhoto| iwebstreet| Wikipedia| Iconicphotos]

The Burning Buddhist Monk (1963) by Malcom Browne and won a Pulitzer Prize.
South Vietnam
"He never speak a word nor screaming. He died silently."

An Iraqi War Prisoner (2003) by Jean Marc Bouju.
"Until the last breath, he never stop loving and caring."

Napalm Accident (1972) by Nick Ut and won Pulitzer Prize.
"Fear is unspeakable, yet flows in tears."

Vulture and Unlucky Child (1994) by Kevin Carter and won Pulitzer Prize. Sadly, the photographer commit suicide due to depression.
Sudan Famine UN Camp
"As human speak and walk, nature is watching the weakest." 

Afghan Girl [1984]

Afghan Girl (1984) by Steve McCurry for National Geographic.
Afghanistan refugee camp.
"The eyes describe the whole weakness of the world."

The lynching of young blacks

Unfortunate Young Blacks (1930) by Brettman/Corbis.
"When the justice is made from skin and colours; it turns into a pile of shit and ridiculous."

Niagara falls frozen [1848]

Niagara Falls Frozen (1848) by unknown photographer. 
"When nature speaks, everyone must stop and listen."

The Power of One [2007]

The Power of One (2007) by Oded Balilty for Associated Press and won Pulitzer Breaking News Photography award.
West Bank, Israel
"One is unity."

The plight of Kosovo refugees [1999]

Kosovo Refugees (1999) by Carol Guzy and won Pulitzer Prize.
Kukes, Albania
"Freedom and peace is all we need."


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