Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Running Man: The Comic

Running Man, one of my favvy variety show from South Korea. Also known as RM (which sounds like my country's currency), this show is all about brain, sports and betrayal too. And so I'm proudly presenting the RM comic (fresh from KL- my buddy help me to get one). This one is in Malay version, will be in Mandarin as I heard before. Well, it's time for happy reading ^^

The arrival of Pos Laju's parcel: RM comic, an 
extra comic, a catalog, RM button badge, bookmarks
and RM sticker.
This is what am I talking about; the RM sticker
at the last page of the comic book.

Exclusive cute button badge. Keep it safe.

"Don't walk, but run Running Man!"- okay, I get it.

Thanks PTS Publications for this wonderful collaboration with SBS and RM team production.
p/s: Venus Orenji Crabby, 감사합니다~


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