Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Food Experiment: Just Fried Everything!

Food experiment is subjective, an experimental matter for me. Doing things with foods were meant to be creative so to speak, as well as fun since I can't cook very well like my mother. And I just create everything that came across my mind *well, what do you get?, I went to the kitchen and crawled inside the fridge. My fellow friends keep saying that, "Girls should know how to cook well so it's easy to get married" and et cetera3x, while my mother says to me: "Don't worry, there's a lot of recipe books outside. Or, just be creative." So I choose the last word from her- just be creative. My principles; I'll cook when I'm totally hungry...or bored (or my parent is going out so I can play with her kitchen stuff)

I'm just being honest here. Isn't that great? *clap, clap

Oo-kay, basically, food experiment is like Korean's bibap theory. Just get everything you have or saw in kitchen's fridge or closet. Then, I mixed it the way I want it. For this part, I agreed with Koreans, mixing food is creating new things to eat/ or throw. In order to play safe and not-blowing-up-my-mother's-microwave, I just fry everything I made because it's easy, it's fast, it's good and always be. Oh, almost forgot- I used chicken eggs and ready-made can food a lot such as sardines, spicy sardines, spicy chicken, pickles etc.

What can I say? I can't resist the power of chicken eggs, can food and frying~

This is fried dumpling. I'm not very sure to call this as 'dumpling' because it looks more like 'cucur' (you can Google if you don't know this). Just to babble a bit, it's easy to made this. All I did was;

[1] Flour+water= thick mixture of flour
[2] A bit of salt and sugar
[3] Chopped onions
[4] Anchovies
[5] 2 spoons of oat cereals-
and any added ingredients in the kitchen such as prawns, minced chicken/beef or frankfurters.
[6]The last step is, you know what to do. Heat the pan and oil- or else you can do? For a better eye-taste, get a nice plate, or put some condiments to enhance the taste.

Next one; this is fried pizza. To be honest I don't know how to call this. I made this when I craved like hell but no money to buy pizza. At least, this simpleton food makes me happy. All I did was;

[1] Make an omelet (2 eggs+ a bit flour+ a pinch of salt and sugar+ chopped onions)
[2] While the omelet is getting complete, spread some chili sauces (mayo and cheese if you have any)
[3] Put the omelet on the plate, and spread the fillings (made from spicy sardines or you can make your own. In my case, I bought a can food)
[4] The last topping is, your fried frankfurter. Put it as much as you want. Since there was only a pack of frankfurter in the fridge, I used nothing but this as the final touch. 

This is the usual stuff I can make very fast-an omelet. But I made up some fillings for this one, just to make me feel happy when I eat it. All I did was;

[1] Make an omelet
[2] Fried some spicy sardines, chopped cabbages, dice-cut potatoes, chopped onions and a cup of rice. You can put other things- this part is adjustable.
[3] Put the fillings in the middle of omelet, fold the omelet and get your spoon.

You see? You're ready to serve yourself. With omelet, you can create everything. All you need is your brave tongue.

Okay, this is fried pie. It takes my time to create this monster because I don't know how to make a pie so I just made a dough and fillings. I'm not so sure to call it as a pie but, what the heaven? This is my food experiment, I can called my food whatever I want. So, all I did was;

[1] Make a dough (flour+water+ margarine)
[2] Fried the fillings (dice-cut potatoes, minced sardines, prawns, frankfurters, onions, a bit of beef meat, cabbages and a bit of rice. Oh, don't forget salt and sugar)
[3] Roll the dough, make it wide and big. Then, put the fillings in the middle and wrap it up.
[4] Carefully, put it inside the hot oil. Don't forget to reverse the side time to time.
[5] The last step? Of course, get the spoon and a nice plate. It's time to eat.

Food is great; I can explore and experiment as long I don't put too much salt and sugar ^^


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