Monday, 7 October 2013

Old and Long History of Fruits

Date Palm

Date palm is an old food from Middle East, probably originated from the land of Iraq. It has a sweet taste, edible and it contain fiber, protein and good for dietary. Back to the old times, dates were the staple food in Middle East, Indus Valley and the ancient land of Egypt. The cultivation arrived at eastern Arabia in 6000 BC. Around 7000 BC, the cultivation arrived in other civilization such as Pakistan, South West Asia, northern Africa, Spain and Italy. And now, it becomes the most important dried fruit for Muslims during Ramadhan's month. Besides, date is the best food to eat when you have nothing to eat- it has everything to fuel up the energy.


Olive is one of the most important food in Middle East, also in Europe, and Mediterranean ancient lands. With olives, a great source of oil can be produced. In literature, olives were the most often cited in western works such as in Odyssey, Iliad, and Athenian myth. Olive is known for dietary sustenance, also important for deities according to the ancient Egyptians, involved in religion history especially in the Bible (were mentioned over 30 times), highly precious for Israelites for its deliciousness in cuisine, medicine purposes such as an ointment, and religious offerings. Olives are mentioned 7 times in Quran as the most praised and precious fruit; known for its great healing, health and it is a blessed tree. Today, the demand of olive remains high and became the great culture all over the world.


Corn or maize is a cereal crop with many functions; breakfast food, oil, animal feed and other delicious food. Before 2500 BC, it was the essential food for Olmec and Mayan civilization, and cultivated throughout Mesoamerica in prehistoric times. After that, the crop spread into America. During the age of exploration, traders or explorers brought back the crops into Europe and introduced to others. Later, it becomes popular because of its ability to grow up in the diverse climate. It also becomes the most important food in America, due to the huge demand of cornflakes cereal, pop-corn, tacos, porridge, tortillas and so on. 


Grape is a berry-type fruit, known for wine-making and also for jam, juice, jelly, raisins, vinegar and seed oil. The cultivation was began 6000-8000 years ago in Near East. Then, the history of wine making happened in Georgia 8000 years ago. As the world is dedicated for grapes and wine-making, raisin is also one of the product that contains protein, sugar and carbs, good for dietary and healing purposes. For Muslims, eating raisin can help to improve memorization and learning abilities. Grape is a multi-function fruit; it can intoxicated, also help to improve health and it tastes delicious.


Banana is widely known to every people in the world. It can be used for desserts, cuisines, or eat it just like that. Early cultivation was began at Southeast Asia and Papua New Guinea around 5000 BC or possibly 8000 BC. Banana was brought to Madagascar during 400 BC and during medieval ages, banana was brought to Palestine which increases significantly for consumption during Ramadhan. Then, banana was introduced to America by Portuguese sailors from West Africa in 16th century. Today, banana is highly produced in Malaysia, Indonesia, China, India, Philippines, and New Guinea- and becomes the famous fruit for American, European and all over the world.


Apple was known as a forbidden fruit in the Bible (the Book of Genesis), and the early cultivation was in eastern Turkey. Alexander the Great was credited with dwarfed apples found in Kazakhstan in Asia in 328 BC. During 17th century, apples were brought to North America by colonists. In Norse mythology, apple is a fruit for eternal youthfulness, offered to gods and goddess as an offering. Apple is been described as a fruit of fertility, also life-giving fruit to the other world. It also appears in many old traditions and beliefs, which becomes the fruit of love in Greek mythology. And today, it becomes the symbol of New York, the electronic company and produced all kinds of products- dessert, ice cream, cosmetics, wine, sweets and pastries.

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