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HIMYM's Best Song Ever!

How I Met Your Mother is the best TV sitcom I ever watch. And I repeatedly watching the show. This show is different from others because of its songs, the genres, the music trends and, the viral phenomenon. Tell me, don't you like to go to the mall? It's been awhile for me watching and evaluating every song in this show and now it's time for everyone to enjoy from Season 2-8 best song ever, starting with...

Let's go to the mall!
by Robin Sparkles
Season 2 episode Slap Bet (Robin Sparkles)
Info: This episode is interesting because Barney told everyone that a guy from Malaysia help him to get Robin's song. This song is also went viral on Internet and adored by HIMYM fans.

Love is Strange/ Lover Boy (Parody)
by Barney Stinson
Season 2 episode First time in New York
Info: Barney turned this song into a 80s dirty dance. This song is originally from Mickey and Sylvia, an American R&B duo during 50s.

Sandcastle in the sand
by Robin Sparkles
Season 3 episode Sandcastle in the Sand
Info: This song is totally early 90s with an image of bubblegum pop star persona. There's an influence of Roxette in this song.

You Just Got Slapped
by Marshall Eriksen and Barney Stinson
Season 3 episode Slapsgiving
Info: Slapsgiving is actually Thanksgiving but it turns out to be a torture day for Barney because of his mistake in Season 2 Slap Bet. I like the way Barney add-up his voice in a song that sounds like Elton John-esque song.

Barney's Video Resume (Impossible is Nothing)
by Barney Stinson
Season 4 episode The Possimpible
Info: Barney sure sings a lot in this show and this one is totally hit! He teaches Robin how to impress people with video resume and the ideas was inspired from self-styled CEO and Professional Athletes, Aleksey Vayner - which became an Internet meme.

Barney's Christmas Song
by Barney Stinson
Season 4 episode Little Minnesota
Info: This song is a combination of 3 Christmas songs and it turned out to be a creative porn-song. Let me give you the lyrics,

[Jingle Bells] "Pulling down her pants, yanking off my own, underneath the mistletoe I'll make your sister moan."
[We wish you a Merry Christmas] "I wish I could see her naked, I wish I could see her naked, I wish I could see her naked and down on all fours."
[The Dreidel Song] "Ted has a little sister, gets hotter every day and if I ever meet her with her boobies I will play. Everybody! Sister, sister, sister..."

Best Night Ever and Cat Sitting (Cat Funeral)
by Marshall Eriksen
Season 5 episode Sexless in Keeper
Info: These two songs are part of the Marshall's singing habit about everything happened in his house. Among many songs that he created, I really akin into this. 

Nothing suits me like a suit
by Barney Stinson, Ted Mosby, Lily Aldrin, Marshall Eriksen, and Robin Scherbatsky
Season 5 episode Girl Versus Suit
Info: You wanna see Broadway singing style? See this episode. This song peaked on the UK Single Chart and Canadian Hot 100.

Ted's Super Date Musical
by Ted Mosby
Season 5 episode Super Date
Info: The best from Ted Mosby, this song shows how to tackles woman's heart in a romantic way (and in an old school movie-musical way)

Two beavers are better than one
by Robin Sparkles and Jessica Glitter
Season 6 episode Glitter
Info: This song is from Canadian's variety series- Space Teens and was inspired from another kid's show. Nicole Scherzinger (Pussycat Dolls) played her role as Jessica Glitter. Although there's a slight porn about this song, I intend to hear it as 'friendship'.

Stand By Me
by James Stinson and Sam Gibbs (including Barney Stinson)
Season 6 episode Cleaning House
Info: This song sounds beautiful at first but it turns into a funny thing with Barney's scat singing and auto tune- and it looks hard for Robin to keep a straight face.

Hey Beautiful (Parody)
by Ted Mosby, Marshall Eriksen, Lily Aldrin, Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky
Season 6 episode Hopeless
Info: This song is a parody of HIMYM's theme song, Hey Beautiful by The Solids. They did a great job with humming and band-style.

P.S I love you
by Robin Daggers
Season 8 episode P.S I love you
Info: This song is the final career for Robin Scherbatsky in Canada, inspired from Alanis Morissette's song. Robin goes grunge in this episode. 

Barney's Children Songs
by Barney Stinson
Season 8 episode Who wants to be a Godparent?
Info: This episode is not my favvy but the children song gets my intention- an alteration into a 'bro' song.

So, Season 9-what kind of song in a latest season? Is there any chance for Lily to sing her own song? . Or, another viral scene in episodes? Well, wait for it~

(Actually Happy Lily Day song by Marshall is kinda cute)
credits: HIMYM|City TV|CBS | Youtube

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