Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Day 1: Going Penang

One week traveling, starting on Sunday 23 Nov, after so many years keeping myself inside my room and stepping out around my hometown only, my sister bought me a ticket. Two ways flight ticket of Air Asia (as they say- Now Everyone Can Fly!). Since I don't have to pay the ticket price (thanks for the sponsor, sisters!), I packed my bag, dig some money for shopping and as you know...

It's time for flying on air.

However, the flight was delay on Sunday. The boarding time was supposed to be around 6:25 p.m but then it changed to 7:45 p.m. It took my boredom to a higher place. I don't have any desire to take any photos. I was sleepy in waiting.

Then, before 8 p.m, the calling appeared on the screen. Me, my parent and my brother hurriedly inside the queue, check in our boarding pass together with the IC(because we're legal citizen)and we walked along the passageway with few kilos on our shoulder, seeking the tight seat inside the belly of airplane and hoping for a better night.

But, that night was not better...the weather was cloudy and windy, the turbulence was quite dizzy, the airplane was landed with emergency brake and it sounds like a howling dog or something like that. It was scary but thank God, everything was okay.

Around 10:15 p.m, my sister with her husband (they were already there, one week earlier) came to invite us with someone's Alza. It was already late, and the journey was not finished yet. The real destination is at Baling, it took few hours to go there. So, before that...my sister said: "Mai pekena nasi kandaq..."

The delicious-yet-heavy dish in midnight.

Okay, that was my first experience with nasi kandar at Penang. I ate it around 11 p.m at warung...that was really 'a late nite snack'.

Later, we continued the journey and I saw Jambatan Pulau Penang at night for the first time. It is really inspiring and wonderful. But I don't take any photos. As I said before, I was tired. As soon as we reached the village, which is Kampung Pendang at Baling...all I need is pillow and a good night sleep.

The end, for this short entry. To be continued...


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