Monday, 29 December 2014

Exploring Cat's Territory: Cat Museum

27 December 2014, few days before New Year, I supposed that it's time to explore a bit over the hill. Since my town is widely known as Cat City (by foreigners, for sure), and miao-miao city liao (as you know, by local chinese), there's one good place I should visit to expand my brain. The best thing is, I don't have to spend a lot of money.Yehuu~

And now, after 13 years, I came again to this territory. Welcome back to Cat Museum.

Cat Museum, also known as Muzium Kucing, is one of magical place specifically for the family of felines. For those who didn't know, Kuching is the biggest city in Malaysia, ruled by two mayors (northern and southern) so this museum is situated at the northern area.There are few places over the world that being established just for cats. As far as I can remember, Cat Museum at Kuching is included inside Travel and Leisure as one of the interesting place for cat lovers. According to Emma Sloley, this museum is dedicated for cats, as cat is a symbol of luck and fortune in Asia. Also, the museum is on a hill, showing the great views of the city of Kuching. 

Yes, Emma. You are absolutely right!

Okay, it would be boring if I didn't put any photos about this place inside this entry. Besides, uploading photos are my purpose. Yes, that's the main purpose. Cannot wait any longer, network is getting crazy...hahaha!

The great view of Northern Kuching City.

Getting silly in front of DBKU headquarters. I guess,
I'm the one who looks silly -.-
I never thought my big smile is really...big

Outside the museum's building, sending my peace
to all people around the world.

Get rest before exploring inside the belly of
the cat.

Suddenly attracted to small fishes inside the aquarium.

Ready to get swallow by this big cat. Whoa...
Inside the belly of the cat. Cat stamp is my favourite corner

Mesmerized by old photos at Kuching.

Cat's jewelry collection. Shining and glittering.

Reading the old history section. Interesting~
The spooky human and cat's head made from a coconut shell.
Made by Sarawakian, for sure.

Three mus-cat-teers, three spec-cat-tles

Getting out from the belly, selfie with
DBKU's insignia.
Frying myself under this hot weather and hoping I could
changed myself into french fries.

The last but not very least, get silly
again at the stair...hahaha!

Muzium Kucing (Cat Museum)
Address: Jalan Semariang, Petra Jaya, 93050, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Phone: 082-446 688
Entrance fee: Free
Other fees: taking photos, charged one person only. RM3 for using phone, RM4 for using compact camera, RM5 for using type of dlsr camera.

Contact Cat Museum for more detail or visit
photo credit: dnarhas

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