Friday, 5 December 2014

Day 7: Back to Baling

Day 7, the last full-day at Kedah. Bored and hot, we decided to go out once again to Baling. To find things and stuffs we needed or we didn't know we want it unless we see it first. You got that meaning? So, the Alza moved on, brought us (9 people) together and stop at Baling main center. I don't know what to buy first, but then I buy something.

Err, typical me~

Watching the magnificent Mount Baling. I loved watching mountain.
Mountain is mysterious nature. What do you think?
Stop at Masjid Besar Baling. The environment is
clean but the toilet needs attention.
Free food from mys sister. Pasar malam Baling has opened
earlier (starting from 5 pm) and selling mostly, foods.
I tried this fried bun burger, filled with salad, chilli sauce,
mayo, big chopped onion and possibly, the well-process
burger beef.... daging arnab (?)
Step inside OKN Tan and bought this two. I thought,
I need new brush set, I wanna do some art back to Kuching
and this spring dumb bell? Hand exercise, I believe.
Is that typing on keyboard is also an exercise?
Suddenly found this nostalgia candy, brought my brain back to
my childhood. The Bento milk candy and the Monster candy
is one of my favvy. I tried to find other nostalgic candy such as
lolipop gula apong. Then I realized, there is no lolipop gula apong at
Peninsular. Only at Sarawak...hahahaiya~

The next day would be the last day at Kedah and Penang.

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