Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Day 2: Baling Time

Continue from the first entry, the next day was Monday 24 November. The weather was nice, yet the last night sleepy was a horror experience. I fought like hell with mosquito and other tiny bugs. Not blending well with a new environment, I guess. Okay, about the next day, my sister said that we supposed to help her preparing a majlis for her son (which is, my nephew). Since my nephew was already berkhatan 4 days earlier so all we need to do is buying groceries, chopping oniions, garlics and lemon grass and cleaning stuffs. I think, I don't need to explain a lot about 'berkhatan', right? One simple explanation: berkhatan is reconstructing the male's weapon. Yup, that's it.

Around 10 a.m, we moved to Baling. There's a big complex there, called Plaza Baling and that's my first experience at Baling. I did visit Kedah before (at Jitra and Alor Setar in 2008) but I never went to Baling. So, my review is...this place is very humble but complete with anything needed.

Okay, about Plaza Baling. There's a big market called Billion. And Billion is somehow, a combination of Grand Supermart+H&L Supermarket. Everything is there. From groceries to wardrobe, to decoration, toys et cetera. While my sister is busy with minyak masak, kari Babas, more onions and other stuffs, I did my personal shopping. Of course, a nice T-shirt is must and a fluffy fat pillow attracts me....I must buy that too!

Oh, before that... before I came to Plaza Baling, we stopped at OKN Tan, the RM2 shop and suddenly found RM10 on the roadside. What a weird and happy day. Then I thought I want to buy something memorable with that RM10 but then, I just let my dad pay my stuff. On the second day, I didn't cash out any money from my wallet. I want to keep it for the other day. Penang is waiting for me. I have to keep patience in shopping.

Well, moved on the next part. After shopping, we must filled in our belly. Laksa Penang, nasi kandar is very-very-very famous at Penang and Kedah. Both places are sharing the same delicious dish, I admit that. Since it's lunch time, I bet nasi ayam is more suitable for my belly, while others decided to taste laksa Penang. So, my sister choose Kak Tie Restaurant, near to Plaza Baling. Well, firstly, for a sunny day, we need ABC. ABC is my mom's favorite. No matter where, my mom always looking for ABC.

Well, ABC is everyone's favourite. Tell me, who hates ABC? I don't care haters anyway. Haters gonna hate.

Later, my nasi ayam came to me like a gold (because the colour of rice is bright yellow). And it tasted good too. Even the hot soup...the taste is awesome. The service is also faster than I thought. Good for me, I can eat first.

Then, the ori Laksa Penang is served on the table, for my mom and dad. The smell, oh, what a smell. It triggers the hungriness. When I sipped it a bit (my mom shared her laksa with me), I said to myself..."It must be good to mixed it with my nasi ayam.." When I did that, I can't believe it. The mixture of kuah laksa Penang and golden nasi ayam is sooooo good.

Sorry Mr. Colonel, there's other food that suitable with your phrase... "finger licking good."

As soon we finished with food fiesta, it is time to moved on. Watching Gunung Baling under the hot weather, the green thingies look mesmerizing and majestic. Well, no matter where I went, I always like to see mountain, sea and the clear blue sky. It makes my day bearable.


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